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Enjoy a relaxing indica-leaning cannabis strain with a tropical and herbal twist and a tinge of pine in BC God Bud. This regular strain has a relaxing high that will keep you at peace for many hours. It is the perfect strain if you want to enjoy a quiet afternoon or a relaxing weekend with nothing to do.

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More About BC God Bud (Regular)

The Strain Made In Heaven

BC God Bud is an Indica leaning plant that is a descendant of God Bud. Produced by BC Bud Depot, this strain offers a tropical herbal flavor with hints of pine and berries that should entice classic marijuana smokers. This strain is known to have a relaxing high that should keep you floating for
hours. It is a perfect companion when you want to do subtle activities such as watching movies or indulge in your hobbies.

Growing this bud can be quite challenging as it needs a lot of preparation. Good air circulation and proper light exposure is key to its success. In the medical field, this weed is heavenly and divine. The healing properties make for a compelling pain reliever and are commonly used against many conditions such as arthritis and multiple sclerosis. Consuming this weed late at night should be the proper advice as it helps relax the body and make you fall asleep faster.

3 reviews for BC God Bud Regular Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Victor Slone

    Victor Slone

    First of all, this regular set of seeds put a smile on my face when my first purchaased seeds all grew so well and healthy. Meaning, the seed bank are dispensing great quality seeds that will surely improve your whole experience. They were racing towards harvest season like sprinters! I harvested my crops in no time!

  2. Avatar for Jamie James

    Jamie James

    Cannabis lovers should not sleep on this. This is definitely one excellent strain with the perfect set of genetics that’s making it fast to grow producing top-quality, potent, and strong buds. Its herbal scent induces a calming and relaxing feel that is hard to overlook. And it grows fast too! Everyone should try this!

  3. Avatar for James Gilbreath

    James Gilbreath

    The beauty of a plant shows after several weeks. This strain grow easily. Currently on its 4th week, with a height of 40 inches now. Love the way it blooms during flowerings. Stunning plant. However, don’t over water it, the plant may drown. Over all, the impact was full blown but I was enable to relax myself at the end. It has a comfort feeling for my stress. Great Seed!

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