A La Mode Feminized Marijuana Seeds

To create the A La Mode Feminized strain, two popular and delicious marijuana varieties—the Milkbone and Cookie Pebbles—have been crossbred. This evenly balanced cannabis is 50% Indica and 50% Sativa and is considered a tribute to its heritage. It has inherited its parents’ sweet and creamy flavors and aromas alongside its high THC levels and potent effects. Growers will be delighted with this sturdy cannabis, with much more compact growth and uniquely beautiful colors, during the last weeks of its flowering period.

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A La Mode Feminized Strain Specifications

Type: Hybrid (50% Sativa / 50% Indica)
Genetics Parents: Milkbone x Cookie Pebbles
Flowering Period: 56-73 days
Climate: mild, temperate
Yield: medium
Flavors: Sweet, Berry, Creamy, Fruity, Strawberry, Nutty
THC Level: 22-23%
CBD Level: Low
Height: medium
Harvest Period: unknown
Growing Difficulty: moderate

What are the Flavors and Effects of A La Mode Feminized Strain?

Named after its sugary flavor and aroma, the A La Mode Feminized strain is a tasty treat for any hybrid cannabis user. It has a sweet aroma that’s a sweet and powerful combination of creamy, cookie, nutty tones. These flavors have been improved by fresh strawberries and fruity berries. On the other hand, its taste is almost like its scent. It consists of fruity and milky flavors along with sweet cookie notes. The potency of this strain lets it produce a powerful high that will hit after only a few minutes before smoking this weed. Its high is super soothing and will lift the spirits. Smokers will experience a pure sense of calmness and happiness. Moreover, it goes along with a physical relaxation felt by the entire body, leaving users feeling restful from head to toe.

What are the Medical Benefits of A La Mode Feminized Strain?

The potent effects of this marijuana strain can also provide various medical benefits. It’s a perfect choice for treating mental disorders such as chronic stress, anxiety, depression, and mood swings. Also, it is highly effective in relieving physical conditions such as chronic pains, migraines, muscle cramps, tensions, and other bodily discomforts. This weed can also ease nausea and is great for those who are suffering from appetite loss.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from A La Mode Feminized Strain

Due to its high potency, the A La Mode feminized strain can cause a few adverse reactions. It can commonly bring on feelings of dehydration and can eventually lead to dry eyes and cottonmouth. It’s best to drink lots of water and fluids before, during, and after a smoking session. Those who are sensitive to high THC levels can experience headaches and anxiety.

How to Grow A La Mode Feminized Strain

Growing this strain is moderately challenging for some marijuana cultivators. The plant completes its entire flowering period within 56-73 days from seed to harvest. It can be grown indoors and outdoors. This cannabis plant develops strong branches. Also, it has a more compact growth than its other varieties. Furthermore, it produces thick buds that change into unique colors during its last week of flowering. During harvest time, this feminized strain can generate a medium-sized yield of dense and compact buds.


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