B-52 Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Created by crossbreeding two well-recognized strains, which are the Big Bud and Skunk #1, the B-52 Feminized marijuana seeds have inherited some of the best qualities from their ancestors. One of its most recognized characteristics is its high THC levels of around 15-18%, producing effects that promote real relaxation and calming sensations. Moreover, it makes users feel very alive and alert, and excited about life. The weed also possesses an amazing flavor profile that’s made up mostly of sweet, skunky, earthy aromas and flavors plus other tasty notes, making it a must-try for those who want a classic smoke. Another great quality of this strain is that it has become a favorite low-maintenance yet high-yielding cannabis among commercial and season growers. Considered one of the best Indica choices, the B-52 Feminized marijuana strain will definitely impress both consumers and growers with its effects, taste, and very generous yields. 

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B-52 Feminized Marijuana Seeds Strain Specifications

Type: Indica-dominant
Genetics Parents: Skunk #1 x Big Bud
Flowering Period: 8-10 weeks
Climate: Warm, Mediterranean, Sunny
Yield: 500-550G/m2 indoors / 600-700G per plant outdoors
Flavors: Sweet, Skunky, Earthy, Woody, Spicy
THC Level: 15-18%
CBD Level: 0.1%
Height: Medium
Harvest Period: October
Growing Difficulty: Moderate

What are the Flavor and Effects of B-52 Feminized Marijuana Seeds? 

When it comes to the aroma of the B-52 Feminized marijuana seeds, it has a strong, sweet-smelling smell that can easily spread across the room. But it can be slightly Skunky and earthy which some users don’t find very appealing. On the other hand, its taste is as similar as its scent. The flavors are made up of Skunky and earthy notes with hints of spice and wood. With all this tasty combination, users will really enjoy this smoke. 

The weed’s THC levels of around 15-18% make it produce a great cerebral punch and a strong body buzz. With just a few tokes, the high starts with an uplifting and energizing, and euphoric cerebral high that gets rid of unhappiness and negativity. It then evolves into a mellow body relaxation that lets users feel invigorated and motivated to accomplish their tasks. 

What are the Medical Benefits of B-52 Feminized Marijuana Seeds? 

The B-52 Feminized strain has effective medicinal properties that can be highly beneficial to therapeutic users. In terms of physical conditions, the weed is often used to alleviate fatigue, migraines, body pains, muscle cramps, joint pains, tensions, and other bodily discomforts. Symptoms of depression, stress, and anxiety can be easily managed by consuming this weed. In addition, it helps insomniacs get a good night’s sleep. 

Negative Effects You Can Expect from B-52 Feminized Marijuana Seeds 

Despite its potency, this feminized strain has only very adverse reactions. It can cause dry, irritated eyes that can be easily treated by eye drops. Also, users can experience intense dry mouth and feelings of extreme thirst. But these can be mitigated by staying hydrated and drinking lots of fluids. 

How to Grow B-52 Feminized Marijuana Seeds 

As an Indica-dominant, feminized hybrid, the B-52 Feminized marijuana seed grows only to a medium size and produces huge leaves and hefty buds that are coated with shiny and sticky resin. It may not be very easy to cultivate but the yields can be very rewarding. It finishes its flowering period within only 8-10 weeks. This cannabis plant is low-maintenance but is highly tolerant which can be suitable even for beginners. It can thrive very well in indoor and outdoor environments. But it flourishes best in warm, sunny, and Mediterranean-like climates. Moreover, it is also very responsive in a hydroponics setup or the Sea of Green (SOG) method. As the plant can grow into a compact and medium-sized structure, topping and trimming are highly recommended. During its maturation stage, the plant tends to emit very strong and overpowering odors that may cause some trouble. So it is suggested to install carbon filters to control the smell. Under optimal conditions, growers can reap abundant harvests of aromatic nugs that can reach up to 500-550G/m2 indoors / 600-700G per plant outdoors and can be harvested around October. 


1 review for B-52 Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Tim J.

    Tim J.

    I grew this plant again since I liked it so much. Yield is very impressive! Big, thick buds with crystals and a pleasant sweet, woody fragrance. Got 26 ounces/crop from my outdoor growth. What a crazy plant! Underneath the sun, my babies grew beautifully. To manage her unpleasant odor, I added a carbon filter. You know what!? her herbal, spicy flavor was enough for me to take. It makes me go to sleep quickly, yet it tastes sooo good. Relieves all of my life’s troubles. no more migraines! After I smoked, I did enjoy eating snacks. I’m very hungry! lol My lips and eyes are dry, I drink a lot of water. Oh man, must try this!!

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