Berry White Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Berry White marijuana strain is a hard-hitting Indica dominant hybrid that will have users heavily sedated while making them feel carefree and loose. With a powerhouse genetic lineage of White Widow and Blueberry Indica cannabis strain, this weed offers an enthusiastic and uplifted high while relaxing to chill out tunes or enjoying some Netflix movie. Best consumed when no tasks are left pending, this weed contains a THC level of 22%, that can be effectively used as a therapeutic remedy to various mood and physical conditions.


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Berry White Feminized Strain Specifications

Type: Indica-dominant (70% Indica  30% Sativa)
Genetics Parents: White Widow x Blueberry Indica
Flowering Period:  9 – 10 weeks
Climate: Warm, Sunny, and Dry
Yield: 400 – 500 grams
Flavors: Berry, Herbal, Pine, Floral, Earthy
THC Level: 22%
CBD Level: 1%
Height: Medium
Harvest Period: early October
Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Flavor and Effects of Berry White Feminized

Berry White cannabis strain effects present a great combination of mental and physical highs. At the onset, a gentle head buzz brings a euphoric sensation to the user’s mind. This opens the doors for a highly elevated mood upliftment where all that the user can think of are happy and positive thoughts!  A feeling of pure happiness will dwell inside the user as negativity takes a back seat. They will find themselves oftentimes giggly and a smile will be constantly etched on their faces. The user’s mind will be soaring as they feel untroubled and easygoing. Then as the cerebral stimulation starts to level off, a warm sensation engulfs the user’s entire body as a deep relaxation starts to take effect. Muscles and joints will start to loosen as they sink deeper into a pit of tranquility. As the physical high wanes, a strong urge to fall into a deep dreamless slumber awaits.  

Catching a whiff from this absolutely aromatic weed will have you salivating in no time. Scents of wild berries and pine and floral notes give it a very refreshing fragrance. As the creamy smoke touches the palate, a pungent earthiness delightfully greets the tongue. This blends well with a herbal twist and faint notes of berries. As the smoke is exhaled, what remains in the mouth is a taste of pine.

What are the Medical Benefits of Berry White Feminized Strain?

Berry White is often prescribed by medical cannabis doctors for its ability to treat cannabis patients suffering from stress, depression, and anxiety. This feel-good strain combines its euphoric and mood-enhancing properties to wash out all the troubling thoughts that continue to invade the minds of the patient and transports them into a different realm where no negativity exists. The intense relaxation of this weed triggers its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties which are an effective organic alternative to those suffering from fibromyalgia, muscle spasms, back pains, joint inflammations, and a host of other chronic and acute pains. They provide the numbing effects that most pharmaceutical medicines provide, but this is a holistic alternative that has been embraced by a lot of cannabis practitioners.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Berry White Feminized Strain

It is natural to experience cottonmouth and dry eyes when smoking this ganja as they are effects of being slightly dehydrated. Cottonmouth can be alleviated by drinking hydrating liquids during and after the smoke to lessen the effects of dehydration. With the drying of the eyes, just apply some moisturizing eye drops before smoking to lubricate the eyes from the start.

How to Grow Berry White Feminized Seeds

The Berry White feminized seeds are a grower’s dream strain! They are easy to care for, are versatile enough to be grown indoors or outdoors, are quite resistant to common pests and diseases, but most of all, they produce a generous amount of yield! They are very unsolicited plants and only need a warm, sunny and dry environment to flourish. They can be harvestable in 9 to 10 weeks and reward their growers with a 400 to 500-gram yield!


2 reviews for Berry White Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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    muhammed nedret aybek

    Can you send privately to turkey.

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    Oh! Great harvest for a fast flowering time (9 weeks), medium-sized plants that need less work to cultivate. flourishes in a dry, warm place that has plenty of sunlight. From my first try, heck yes! I got a huge amount of buds! I was impressed at how simple it was to plant this, though I am not that much of a grower, but I do enjoy being high! lol..hits me in the face, but it’s ideal for after-dinner smoke! Without a question, deep bodily relaxation. I can’t think of a better way to chill while watching Netflix. Her smoke simply comforts all pains. smells like berries and has a herbal and pine flavor. Kudos to CKS for having such a great pot!

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