Bonkers Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Bonkers Feminized is the crossbreed of potent marijuana strains; the Purple Indica, Grapefruit, and the Burmese Ruderalis. These three marijuana strains are known to have a sedating effect with an extreme mind buzz. This marijuana is an indica-dominant strain and also has a strong THC content that could reach 23%. Bonkers fem releases a scent of sweet, fruity, tropical, and floral paired with a strong mind and body buzz.

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Bonkers Feminized Strain Specifications

Type: Indica-dominant, Feminized
Genetics Parents:  Grapefruit x Purple Indica x Burmese Ruderalis
Flowering Period:  7-8 Weeks
Climate: Cool/Sunny/Humid
Yield: Above-Average
Flavors: Fruity, Sweet, Tropical, Floral
THC Level: 18-23%
CBD Level: unknown
Height: Medium
Harvest Period: late-September
Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Flavor and Effects of Bonkers Feminized?

The effects of the Bonker fem will begin with a mind buzzing high that could leady to intense euphoria making the consumers entirely energized, happy, and uplifted. Consuming this strain could lead you to positive vibes that could last for a couple of hours. When the physical high comes through limbs, and the consumer’s muscles will get heavy could lead them to a couch-lock state.

Bonkers fem has a fruity fragrance and flavor, and when inhaled, it gives off a tropical vibe. As when the herb has been lit, and the creamy fumes touch the tongue, it becomes more intense. It’s a very flavorful strain, with intense fruit flavors mixing in with an earthy marijuana flavor. Hints of floral notes are visible as the smooth smoke is inhaled, and they cling to the lips after the smoke has been exhaled. 

What are the Medical Benefits of Bonkers Feminized?

For medical marijuana patients, bonkers fem marijuana strains have a lot of therapeutic advantages. It is an effective psychiatric treatment for fatigue, PTSD, stress, depression, and anxiety. This weed will lock away painful memories and doubts that continue to occurs on the patient’s mind, making them unproductive. However, thanks to its mood-lifting and euphoric properties, it encourages pleasure and increased energy that radiates in their aura, giving them a deep sense of positivity by locking these negative perceptions.

Bonkers fem is well known for its sedating and analgesic effects, which provide relief to prescription marijuana patients recovering from pain. It also relaxes the muscles and calms the nerves, giving them the extra rest they need. Several suffering from sleep problems or insomnia should still look forward to the restful sleep that this weed can bring, as well as cannabinoid medicine to help them get that much-needed rest.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Bonkers Feminized

Even though Bonkers Feminized is a beautiful strain, it does have several shortcomings. Some marijuana consumers have recorded dry eyes and a dry mouth. Disadvantages include nausea, dizziness, and anxiety when smoking in high doses. If they continue to smoke this weed, their minds and bodies will become accustomed to its effects, and the dizzy spells will diminish. When taken in high doses, it can induce paranoia and anxiety. When smoking this herb, it is best to use caution.

How to Grow Bonkers Feminized

Growing bonkers Feminized marijuana seeds is a cultivator’s dream strain because it provides a higher-than-average yield. This marijuana strain was developed to thrive in British Columbia’s forests, but they prefer cooler temperatures and a humid climate. They can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors, as long as the growing conditions are favorable to the plant’s success. They’ll begin flowering and also be ready to harvest in 7 to 8 weeks, yielding an enormous, above-average amount of sweet buds.

3 reviews for Bonkers Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Mr. 65

    Mr. 65

    Update on the Bonkers harvest. First trial 26 days in the jar and this strain is subtle when first smoked and comes on gradually and depending on your tolerance level will provide a satisfactory buzz for couple of hours. As I did the 30 day flush with all the strains I grew (Grand Daddy Purple, Gelato and Bonkers) it goes without over stating that it’s smoother than anything I’ve gotten commercially but I put the work in to get the best product possible given my growing environment on coastal Canada. The Gelato didn’t grow very tall this year but it gave off the best smell for a harvested strain just in the jar. Incredible aroma and very promising. Every harvest was sticky and scissors got very thick with resin. Tks CKS and Rocket for some great strains. I’ll be stocking up soon for 2022

  2. Avatar for Mr. 65

    Mr. 65

    As I had three strains to grow this year, I put in three Bonkers seed to germ. All did and quickly. It grew quickly and along with cropping and super cropping really strengthen the branches. When they went info full flower, the scent was of grapefruit and pineapple so the neighbors wouldn’t think twice about it as it doesn’t have the traditional stank odor. All three plants grew over six ft tall with solid branching and lots of bud sites. I filled seven 1 liter jars and next year look to increasing that yield with more cropping and super cropping. I flushed them for thirty and then harvested sequentially taking one per week as there was too much to harvest all at once. Estimate that I got approx. 375 grams.

  3. Avatar for Steven


    Gorgeous! 🙂 my seeds germinated. SO HAPPY! I had to wait a few weeks (after 9 weeks of flowering) before I could harvest. buds that attract my eyes and glitter in the sunlight. It’s a convenient and easy-to-grow plant. It can flourish in both warm and cold temps. I got a lot of buds, and they’re fruity and have a rich lemon flavor..this ganja has completely blown my mind. Hold on for a crazy adventure with this strong smoke. I feel attentive at first, then sleepy, and it comforts me. Solid HIT, good smoke! it’s also a great arthritic pain reliever. I’m looking forward to trying out some other choices available. Worth the wait! 😀

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