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Bruce Banner 2.0 Feminized Marijuana Seeds

(17 customer reviews)

Strain Overview

Being the Hulk’s alter ego does not mean Bruce Banner is weak and insignificant. Bruce Banner is a strain with high amounts of THC. It is a potent strain with amazing cerebral effects that will still show off its potent side even at very low doses. It can help deal with pain, anxiety, stress, and depression naturally.

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More About Bruce Banner 2.0 Feminized

Get Ready to Hulk Smash!

We all know that Bruce Banner is such an iconic comic book legend who transforms into the green monstrosity known as The Incredible Hulk. In the world of cannabis, this green monstrosity is quite tame; however, this specific version of Bruce Banner is equally strong and gruesome as its green alter ego. With THC ranging up to 30%, this is one of the rare strains that are the strongest on the planet. Named as the 9th best strains of all time, Bruce Banner 2.0 is the progeny of BB #3 that is backcrossed with Strawberry Diesel.

Backcrossing is not an unfamiliar term or process used in marijuana cultivation. It is commonly performed to improve the strain and add more strength and vigor to its characteristics. This made the Indica dominant strain to have a powerful calming property that has the potential to knock the user almost immediately.

Bruce Banner 2.0 is highly resistant to diseases and pests, thus making it a very beginner-friendly strain for growers.

17 reviews for Bruce Banner 2.0 Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Jackelope Frost

    Jackelope Frost

    Really happy with this strain. Nice medium nuggs. With a fruity terp flavor. Not very sticky but has good medicinal effects. Clones easily and grows like great.

  2. Avatar for Happygurl

    Happygurl (verified owner)

    Best. Service. Ever! Above and beyond. Will always order here!

  3. Avatar for Smoky McPot

    Smoky McPot

    excellent strain and easy to grow. holds true to its pest resistance. very strong cola development with firm and solid buds at finish.
    i would recommend these to any level of grower. great strain and awesome seed genetics.

  4. Avatar for Jackson


    Got 5 pack. Only germinated one so far. Popped in less than 24. It may say Bruce banner but this thing is growing like the hulk. I’ve only done LST and I’ve got 11 tops. The plan was to do a slow veg until my flower room is ready but now my issue it trying to find a way to slow this thing down. Good problem to have I guess lol. Nodes are stacked tightly and perfectly uniform. Def quality genetics. Hope the other 4 phenos are the same.

    Side note I’m a regular grower (3rd grow) not paid and this was my first crop king order. If my experience changes I’ll be back with a negative review. Just thought I’d make that clear since some ppl make dumb comments and have ppl questioning reviews

  5. Avatar for steve


    I bought a 5 pack of Bruce Banner 2.0 seeds 2 weeks ago. Crop King sent me two extra seeds in case one of the seeds didn’t germinate. I followed directions and put 2 seeds in a glass of spring water for 18 hours then put them in a wet paper towel for 2 days. I did the same thing with alien gorilla glue seeds i bought. All seeds germinated and are 3 inches tall. Still have 5 of each seeds left. Thanks Crop King. We’ll see what happens.

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