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Bubba Kush Feminized Marijuana Seeds

(26 customer reviews)

Strain Overview

Warm up to a long-lasting indica with this classic Kush strain. Lose track of time as earthy and sweet flavors induce deep waves of full-body stone. This easy-to-grow strain relieves pain and eliminates insomnia. Bushy plants yield thick, sticky buds after 9 weeks of flowering.

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More About Bubba Kush Feminized

As a member of the Kush family, Bubba Kush feminized seeds are one of the more widely known strains you can get your hands on today. This easy to moderate grow thrives both indoors and outdoors and typically completes flowering in just 9 weeks. This Indica grows bushy plants that produce huge, dense, and sticky buds.

The THC content of our Bubba Kush is 17.79%, with a CBD content of 1.20%. This offspring of the classic Bubble Gum and Original Kush can produce yields weighing up to 500g indoors and 300g outdoors. These extremely large numbers make it a ‘must-have’ in your garden.

The effect of this strain is best described as a relaxing full-body high. It will glue you to your bed for hours on end, letting your mind freely wander as you savor the sweet earthy flavors of Bubba Kush feminized. The scent is a unique combination of sweet and pungent. From the smell to the aftertaste, there is nothing not to like about this plant.

This strain has medicinal properties as well. Medical weed patients turn to Bubba Kush for relief from various kinds of pain and remedy for insomnia. The sought-after body buzz that this strain is known for never fails to relax the mind and body.

Bubba Kush feminized seeds are also a nice addition to your garden with its numerous benefits that will please both recreational and medical marijuana users. Bubba Kush is a good option particularly if you are looking for a strain with large yields and easy to moderate growing requirements.

26 reviews for Bubba Kush Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Etta Swartz

    Etta Swartz

    Purchased 10 seeds. I cant believe they are all good. Sprouted and popped out. For pain reliever this is great for you guys. Especially those with cancer.

  2. Avatar for Eugenia Sansouci

    Eugenia Sansouci

    One of the best strain I grown. No issues for me. It has an extreme smell and hit me hard. I love CKS seeds. Thanks

  3. Avatar for Timothy Hunt

    Timothy Hunt

    Wow! just got off the phone w/CKS. Awesome, You guys kick-ass! Great cus-serv. New seeds on the way. God bless and stay healthy.

  4. Avatar for Joe Collins

    Joe Collins

    This plant exceeded all expectations. Hats off to Crop King Seeds for producing some outstanding genetics. The smoke replicates the aromas along with a pleasant earthy taste. After smoking it couch lock sets in but if you think about doing something for a bit you will do it, then head back to the couch!

  5. Avatar for Roger Edwards

    Roger Edwards

    Growing Bubba Kush by Crop King Seeds was really easy. It has an overwhelming pungent odor of sweet kush. You can really notice the bubblegum sweetness accompanied with an extremely pungent Kush aroma. It controls pain better than any medical or recreational I have bought.

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