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Candy Haze Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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The Candy Haze Feminized cannabis is the product of crossing the indica dominant Zkittlez and the sativa leaning Haze marijuana. The Zkittlez is an award-winning variant that emits a sweet taste. On the other hand, the Haze strain is one of the most popular marijuana strains that has become a parent to a number of hybrids. With such an amazing lineage, recreational and medical tokers alike can expect a lot from this weed.

In addition to its fantastic parentage, it has a fairly high THC content of about 20% and potent sativa effects that will deliver a potent blow that many tokers will love.

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Candy Haze Feminized Strain Specifications

Type: Sativa dominant hybrid, Feminized
Genetics Parents: Zkittlez x Haze
Flowering Period: ~9 weeks
Climate: Warm, Sunny, Humid
Yield: Average
Flavors: Citrus, Earthy, Peppery, Sweet
THC Level: ~20%
CBD Level: Unknown
Height: Medium
Harvest Period: October
Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Flavor and Effects of Candy Haze Feminized?

As a sativa variant, you can expect that the effects of the Candy Haze Feminized marijuana are cerebral. As the mental buzz kicks in, the mind will be instantly cleared of negative ideas. These negativities will be replaced with happy and creative thoughts, perfect for accomplishing artistic tasks. It will also make its tokers alert and focused, which helps in carrying out all the tasks at hand.

While experiencing a cerebral high, tokers will also start to feel warm as a body-relaxing effect covers the body. Feel energetic at the same time relaxed; it is just like having a cup of coffee minus the jittery feeling. 

As for its flavor, expect a mix of a citrusy, sweet, and earthy taste. When smoke leaves the mouth, there will be a peppery aftertaste.

What are the Medical Benefits of Candy Haze Feminized?

Since the Candy Haze Feminized strain has a high THC level, many can rely on its THC-based properties to deliver medical help. Those who suffer from mental disorders like anxiety, depression, PTSD, and stress can rely on the potent sativa effects of this Mary Jane. Its ability to deliver mental clarity is essential to combat these conditions since it will ban negative ideas and replace them with positive thoughts. Furthermore, since it has a body-calming result, it can help against body pain.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Candy Haze Feminized

Like yin and yang, good and bad always comes hand in hand. After all the benefits it offers, side effects will follow. While smoking the all-female Candy Haze cannabis does not have any reported serious adverse effects, the usual dry eyes and dry mouth can be expected. Although these are minor drawbacks, they can really be uncomfortable. However, do not worry because they can be effortlessly alleviated by drinking plenty of water and applying eye drops to keep yourself hydrated.

Despite not having any known severe repercussions, tokers still should keep their dosage in check because of the THC level of this ganja.

How to Grow Candy Haze Feminized?

Growing the Candy Haze Feminized plant is not that hard. The fact that this is a feminized version made it easier since no male plants will grow. This is a positive thing since no effort, resources, and time will be wasted on the male parts, which will only end up being thrown away. Furthermore, the growers will not go through the hassle of picking out the male plants and are promised higher yields since all plants produced can be used for smoking.

When growing this indoors, it will take about 9 weeks for it to finish its flowering period. Outdoors, it will appreciate a sunny and warm environment and is ready to be harvested by October. An average yield can be collected indoors and outdoors after its flowering cycle.


1 review for Candy Haze Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Bob S.

    Bob S.

    Fusion of flavor!!! sweetness, citrus and spice. Each time I take this tasty pot, everything feels and looks great. As I’m listening to my fave song or painting, it gives me great pleasure. I often smoke this stuff on weekends since it places me in a joyful mood and makes me feel good. I also got a GREAT crop! Yeheeey..In the yard, I grow my own plants. this beauty amazes me like no other! it requires less maintenance and work. Also, it’s resilient to diseases and molds. One of the finest weeds I’ve ever grown. Yielded fresh buds good to consume in just a few weeks. Loves ample sunlight! Real blast and worth my time..Til nexttime, guys!

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