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Chemdog Strain, commonly known as Chemdawg, is an urban legend strain that originated in California. It is one of the top connoisseur strains, giving enormous yields, absurdly high THC concentrations, and outstanding therapeutic characteristics. This strain is a sativa-dominant solid hybrid with a THC content of 23% and a CBD level of 0.1%. This strain will give you a full-fledged relaxing and cognitive boost. This difficult-to-grow marijuana plant is a cross between the Thai and Nepalese Sativa strains.

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Strain Profile Info

Type: Sativa-dominant (55%)
Parents: Thai Sativa Strain x Nepalese Sativa
Flowering Time: 7-9 weeks
Climate: Sunny / Mediterranean
Yield: 700g
Flavor: Pine, Diesel, Earthy, Chemical, Pungent
THC Level: 23%
CBD Level: 0-1%
Height: Tall
Harvest Period: October
Growing Difficulty: Difficult

Even seasoned gardeners will appreciate the abundant, fantastic Crop this marijuana strain’s production will provide. When you taste this herb, you’ll know it’s Chemdog immediately. Its characteristic pungent smell screams pesticides and petrol from every pore. Chemdog Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds are available online here at Crop King Seeds with just one tap of your phone or any device. With free shipping on orders over 200$, fast and easy payments, and discreet shipping, there’s no better time to buy!

What is the Chemdog Strain?

The genetic parent of strains such as Thai Sativa Strain and Nepalese Sativa. The Chemdog Strain provides the highest pedigree in marijuana lineage. Chemdog is strong and has increased in value through crossbreeding. With a ratio of 55% Sativa to 45% Indica, this unique strain will add an intense and sour flavor to the celebration. THC values average at roughly 23%. The body is said to feel heavy and pain-free due to its high, believed to calm the mind and relieve it from distracting unpleasant thoughts. A euphoric mood will permeate the user, and inventiveness will slightly enhance. Many agree this strain is an excellent option for a cozy night with family and friends.

Strain Effects

The strong and healthy Indica and Sativa boost provided by the Chemdog Feminized Strain. This strain’s quick-acting effects can initially make users feel as though their senses are being heightened, which will cause some initial confusion. But, once they have calmed down, an intellectual buzz will start to take hold. At this point, the strain will evoke imagined feelings in the user. The Chemdog marijuana strain’s Indica-influenced high will induce a deep relaxation but not couch lock. The senses may become more acute, and smokers may become more aware of their environment. This first dizzying head high becomes more cerebral and contemplative when appropriate conditions are appropriate.

Strain Aroma, Flavor & Appearance

One of Chemdog’s most notable features is its potent scent. Those who have used this strain claim that it smells a combination of earthy, diesel, and spicy. These robust flavors frequently last in the nose and mouth from the moment you take your first puff and inhale until the effects become less intense. Thus, this strain has medium-sized buds that seem slightly different from those of hybrid or pure Indica lineage. The blooms feature loose, airy leaves rather than long, tapering like popcorn. The sticky white trichomes on the spring green leaves give the buds a silver look.

Growing Information on Chemdog Strain

Chemdog Strain develops quickly and responds favorably to low-stress training methods. When growing this marijuana strain indoors in a confined space, the SCROG method, also known as the Screen of Green, is ideal for improving yields. To allow airflow through the canopy, eliminate the leaves at the bottom of the bloom. Your Chemdogs’ stems and roots will be supported by a light breeze at the base of the canopy, enabling them to keep their large, dense buds.

Mold spores can quickly sprout on Chemdog’s thick buds. By the airflow within your developing environment, you will secure them as much as feasible. Still, it would be best to water the crops whenever the soil is warm and dry rather than wet or muddy. This strain will start to flower and be ready for harvest in 9 weeks, yielding 900g of top-notch buds per square meter. If you’re willing to take a chance and grow it outside, ensure your outdoor growing space has the ideal circumstances for this plant to thrive and give you a bountiful harvest of 700g per strain per plant.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Chemdog Strain suitable for novice growers?

The growth of the Chemdog strain is best left to more seasoned growers. For a long time, it could only be cultivated as a clone if a clipping was obtained from a mature plant; presently, several seed firms sell packaged seeds of Chemdog.

Is Chemdog (Chemdawg) Strain strong?

This strain was crossed to create the award-winning strain Chemdog. This strain has powerful effects! She can knock back even seasoned veterans with her 23% THC and 0.1% CBD concentration. Chemdog Strain is renowned for its potent cerebral effects that promote euphoria, creativity, and energy.

What adverse effects can be expected from this strain?

Chemdog Feminized, like any other potent strain, can make consumers feel thirsty and cause their eyes to dry out. Due to the intensity of the stress, newcomers may experience anxiety and paranoia. Consumers who exceed the advised dosage will get headaches and migraines once the high wears off.

1 review for Chemdog Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Merle B.

    Merle B.

    Nice! I really like the Chemdog 🙂 Her buds are huge and frosty, with a lot of trichomes. When burning one, it smells and tastes like pine with earthy and diesel notes. Only 4 of the 6 seeds sprouted, but they’ll do great! They’ve been flowering for 9 weeks and are looking fantastic on my lawn. In comparison to other strains I’ve planted, I noticed that Chemdog was by far the most difficult to grow. However, it provided me with excellent BUDS (630grams/plant). I did it right with extra effort and care!! Hey there, guys! It’s something you should try because it will change your life. Her high-energy rush can last for hrs. Made my mind free from worries, and it actually made me feel like Superman! HAHAH Absolutely going to buy more! Only good vibes 🙂 BEST.

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