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Both genetically and formally, the Critical 47 Strain is a hybrid. A sweet, skunky hybrid between AK-47 and Critical Mass, Critical 47 is known for its strong scent and upbeat, soothing effects.

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Strain Profile Info

Type: Indica-dominant
Parents: Critical Mass x AK-47
Flowering Time: 7-8 weeks
Climate: Warm, Humid
Yield: 400G/M² (Indoors) 500g (Outdoors)
Flavor: Sweet, Peachy, Earthy
THC Level: 15-18%
CBD Level: Unknown
Height: 100 cm. (Short)
Harvest Period: Late September | Early October
Growing Difficulty: Moderate

Both growers and consumers will find Critical 47 Strain a treat thanks to its quick finishing time and mango, peach, and vanilla tastes. This cannabis strain, primarily Indica, has a strong mango and peach aroma and flavor. As a natural and secure treatment, it is also useful for various medical issues like pain, anxiety, and stress. Its potent and Indica-like effects are what set it apart from other strains. Because it will make you more hungry, it is also extremely cerebral and soothing. This merely needs a few notes in addition to an odor control system. After a stressful day at work, try this nighttime strain to relieve your stress, or relax and end a good day with a better one by kicking back.

Anyone will want to maintain a regular supply of Critical 47 Strain available because of its mouthwatering flavors and moderate-high strength and for very good reason. Improve your growing game with the Critical 47 Strain from Crop King Seeds. Your order will be sent to you quickly, discretely, and with the utmost care to protect the viability of the seeds. Free delivery is available on orders over $200.

What is Critical 47 Strain?

The Critical 47 stand-alone strain is a hybrid between Critical Mass and AK-47. It combines the greatest qualities of its famous parent strains to give users a supercharged high that isn’t afraid to taste. Numerous awards at minor Cannabis Cups have gone to Critical 47 Strain. It has a flavor influenced by vanilla and a strong mango and peace scent. Users of all experience levels can appreciate this powerful but not overpowering strain because its THC content ranges from a reasonable 15% to 18%. The flavor is both pleasant and healing. Its fruity aroma excels at giving off a tranquil and calming high.

Strain Effects

You may anticipate a pleasant high with rollercoaster-like ups and downs from a bud of this caliber. You’ll initially experience a gradual surge of energy as the cerebral high slowly creeps into the back of your skull, accompanied by tingles and even giggles. The feeling of happiness comes on almost instantly, while the physical heaviness makes you move more slowly. Throughout your high, you may have brief spurts of creativity. Still, overall sloth and eventual tiredness will leave you uninspired and fuzzy while being quite happy. Feel your troubles melt away as the tingles emerge and grin replace sighs. Take a break from your aching bones and sore muscles by trying this strain for conditions like nausea, migraines, and cramps. This flower should be consumed gently by first-time users because it creeps up on you.

Utilizing Critical 47 can cause various undesirable effects, just like using any marijuana strain. For instance, it’s typical to experience dry eyes and throats. As consumers utilize more, it becomes more obvious. Additionally, some individuals may have a mild dizziness, particularly when its cerebral effects first manifest. Never using too much is one of the most crucial things to remember. By doing this, a specific strain may overwhelm users. It not only exacerbates the unfavorable reactions that have been recorded, but it also might have unintended side effects.

Strain Aroma, Flavor & Appearance

Mango, peach, and vanilla fragrances can be detected when the Critical 47 buds open the stash jar. This strain’s tastes and scents are similar. You receive what you can smell. The effects are potent, calming, and protracted. However, dry mouth syndrome could develop if you inhale a lot of this strain. These forest green nugs taste pleasantly sweet, resembling fruit from the market. Subtle vanilla and earthy undertones balance out the overpowering peach and mango overtones. While the earthy, aromatic scents passed down from its parents persist after the smoke, the sparkling fruity aromas entertain the nose in the foreground. Due to its densely branching growth form, this variety produces a lot of cuttings—a medium-high plant with very small, jagged leaves, medium-intensity green, and close internodes.

Growing Information on Critical 47 Strain

This plant produces a large cola in the center as it grows in the shape of a pyramid. Due to its overpowering smells, growers struggle to keep this strain a secret. In contrast to hydro systems, Critical #47 is primarily advised for soil systems. As Critical 47 Strain requires moderate to advanced growing, cultivating it is not advised for novice or inexperienced growers. Beginners may find it challenging to maintain this plant alive for any time, with an average flowering time of 7 to 8 weeks for indoor cultivation or a late September harvest for outdoor development. Critical 47 thrives in cold environments at consistent temperatures. She kept her stature small and rarely grew taller than 100 cm.

It is a high-yielding specimen with short internode spacing that will eventually be filled with buds. Due to its small height, it is also appropriate for more discreet growers that want to use limited places. It is good for gardeners with a busy schedule due to its quick flowering time. Commercial growers will be satisfied with the results because the Sea of Green and Screen of Green methods produce high yields with minimum maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Critical 47 Strain ideal for cultivating?

It can be cultivated in more northern latitudes because of its relatively quick flowering time. Still, it will only develop to its full potential as it would, inside or indoors.

What are the benefits of Critical 47 Strain?

This strain offers a pleasant mental high, making it appealing for recreational use. Critical 47 Strain has combined some of the best qualities from the previously mentioned hybrids to create an immensely soothing experience.

Is Critical 47 a good strain?

One of the best-smelling strains in the world is Critical 47. It has a strong but not overpowering earthy scent that is sweet and spicy. It is accompanied simultaneously by the aromas of vanilla and fruits. Growers will need to be aware that it has a potent smell.

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  1. Avatar for Celia Grady

    Celia Grady

    Critical 47 is one of the best strains I have cultivated so far! Though she needed extra care on growing due to the fungi surrounding it, she could still yield generously. Her mango and peach smell is what I like the most. Her medical benefits also could be my perfect partner when I feel so stress and tired, she really has the power to ease all that. I highly recommend this strain, everything about her is just perfect.

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