Critical Blue Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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With a satisfying body high due to its high THC content, Critical Blue will make sure your next favorite. It has a strong indica quality with euphoric and happy feelings, which will linger in your mind and in your body. It is compact and short, with notes of spice, berry, pungent and tropical scents and aromas to enjoy.

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More About Critical Blue (fem)

A Sought-After Hybrid

Crossing the delightful Blueberry with the amazing Critical led to the creation of Critical Blue. She is a feminized hybrid that guarantees a pleasing body high with its 14-19% THC content. That amount would be enough to enjoy her soothing and relaxing effects without the unwanted extreme intoxication.

With a stronger indica side, Critical Blue delivers giggly and euphoric feelings with an uplifted and relaxed sensation that will linger to your mind and body for hours. The taste and scent of Critical Blue is a mix of enticing hints and notes. You will enjoy the tantalizing notes of citrus, berry, earthy, spicy, pungent, and tropical.

Critical Blue is a compact and short plant that looks so appealing to everyone’s eyes. Once the right time for flowering comes in, she will get through it in just 9 weeks or less. Whether you choose to cultivate her indoors or outdoors, there’s nothing to worry about. Generous yields will come on your way.

1 review for Critical Blue Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for W. Sheppard

    W. Sheppard

    Finally found my new favorite! Thanks to this, I can now enjoy a relaxing evening without feeling too intoxicated. It also helped me when I lost my appetite. Its citrus and berry flavors are definitely something to look forward to. Anyway, in just 9 weeks, I was able to enjoy its unselfish yields. It didn’t even take much effort to cultivate her due to her compact stature that lets me grow it indoors. Will definitely buy more of this.

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