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The highly potent Indica-dominant strain Critical Kush has a high THC level and a wide range of flavor profiles, including pine, sweet, woodsy, lemony, and many others. It is not a beginning strain though because it can be picky. But with this hybrid, you can count on getting enormous yields.

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Strain Profile Info

Type: Indica
Parents: Critical Mass x OG Kush
Flowering Time: 6-8 weeks
Climate: Temperate/Continental, Sunny/Mediterranean
Yield: 21-23 oz
Flavor: Lemon, Pine, Sweet, Woody
THC Level: 14-20%
CBD Level: 0.8%
Height: 35-47 inches
Harvest Period: October
Growing Difficulty: Easy

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What is Critical Kush?

It’s understandable why Critical Kush feminized has such a phenomenal high and a truly illustrious pedigree. It undoubtedly inherited many genes from its famous parents, Critical Mass and OG Kush, as the offspring of these two legendary strains. Skunk#1, the iconic heavyweight champion, and Afghani Indica plants are both ancestors of Critical Mass. This could explain why your Critical Kush feminized plants have a strange smell while they’re developing. OG Kush is well known for its powerful sedative and couch-locking effects.

Even though these parents may have a bad reputation, they will undoubtedly be pleased to have produced such an excellent bud. With those wonderful earthy orange hairs from OG and mossy green from Critical Mass, Critical Kush feminized inherits all the attractive qualities from both parents. We must understand what Critical Kush feminized seeds are in order to properly comprehend how they function and develop. By eliminating the male chromosome, breeders can make feminized seeds that only grow female plants. The likelihood of developing female cannabis plants, which yield more potent buds, is 99% when using feminized marijuana seeds. Therefore, Critical Kush feminized seeds are your perfect match if you want to grow your own supply of consumable kush.

Strain’s Flavor, Aroma & Appearance

According to users, Critical Kush feminized seeds create a very alluring bud that will have you hankering for more. This miraculous variety has an earthy perfume with a spicy undertone.

The majority of the tastes, aromas, and odors of cannabis come from terpenes, which are found in the fascinating oils produced by cannabis plants. feminized Critical Kush has some excellent terpenes, including; Terpineol and citral both give the strain a flavor and aroma that is somewhat citrusy, Eugenol and D-limonene both contribute to the spice-like odor and flavor, and Camphene and pinene both contribute an earthy and piney odor and flavor. To offer you the experience, aroma, and flavor of a lifetime, even more of these terpenes are combined in Critical Kush feminized. On the exhalation, you can anticipate the spicy flavor and aroma to come through, with occasionally a sweet lemon tinge. It’s vital to keep in mind that because it is a descendant of Skunk#1, it will also have a potent odor.

Growing Information of Critical Kush

Critical Kush feminized seeds would be the ideal purchase for individuals who are new to growing, even if it is a strain designed for the intermediate grower. Whether grown indoors or out, it produces a staggering 21–23 ounces per square meter. If photoperiod growth equipment is available, growing inside is the preferable method. Critical Kush feminized would need to absorb as many nutrients as it could while expanding, thus it needs at least 18 hours of light each day to develop its branches, leaves, and roots. You can alter the light cycle such that flowering can begin after 55–60 days. It only takes 12 hours of light to kickstart this phase. Those lovely buds will soon start to show themselves. It has been claimed that the feminized Critical Kush’s buds resemble those of its parents.

Their exterior is mossy in color, almost fluffy, and has orange hairs with a purple undertone. On these buds, translucent trichomes can also be seen. Critical Kush feminized is not only a sight to behold, but also a cause for aching eyes. You should thoughtfully organize their germination to harvest in the wide outdoors. Only the final weeks of September and the first few weeks of October are when this strain blooms. In order to avoid missing the flowering time, it is advisable to plant your feminized Critical Kush picture seeds by the beginning of August. Cultivators advise employing trellising whether you grow Critical Kush feminized outdoors or inside to increase production. Given that Critical Kush is a feminized strain, trimming and pruning the plant is much simpler. This variety, a descendent of Skunk#1, has a potent marijuana aroma when smoked and when it is growing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a beginner grow Critical Kush Feminized?

For novice growers, particularly those looking for a large yield, Critical Kush feminized is ideal. It performs well both outside and indoors, making it a great starter for indoor cultivation. When novices try their hand at trimming and pruning, these plants are exceedingly understanding. The feminine nature provides resistance to stress. Your plants will thrive in any configuration you select if you give them the right attention and nutrients.

What is the Critical Kush Feminized flower time?

The anticipated flowering period for Critical Kush in feminized form is 55–60 days or 8–9 weeks. There is no question that the wait was worthwhile. Flowering takes a middle-length duration for this strain.

What is the average Critical Kush Feminized height?

Indoors, this beauty develops to a magnificent 60–100 cm. However, when grown outdoors, the plants can reach heights of 100 to 140 cm. The height that people who sample this strain reach, however, is incomparably higher.

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  1. Avatar for Lee Haire

    Lee Haire

    Been growing Critical Kush for 3+ years. A bit more work, but well worth it. Leave lots of room as the ladies will crowd you out!! Beautiful aroma and very sticky!!! Shorter bloom time, last 3 grows at 6 weeks!!!

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