Crushed Grapes Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Grape Crushed Feminized is a pure Indica-dominant hybrid strain. The Crushed Grapes Strain heritage is related to the Indica Blueberry ancestors, which explains its deep purple color and pleasant berry taste. This strain causes euphoric and relaxed symptoms on both the brain and the body. At times, the boost is cheerful, relaxed, and concentrated. The THC content of Crushed Grapes varies widely, but fully express put some at somewhat more than 12%. Grape Crushed Strain, on the other hand, contains just 0.28 percent CBD. If you’re hunting for a late-night smoke that won’t be leaving you glued to the couch, this one is for you. It has a sweet grape aroma and flavor and also a moderate potency.

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Crushed Grapes Feminized Strain Specifications

Type: Pure Indica
Genetics Parents: Unknown
Flowering Period:  7- 8 weeks
Climate: Warm, Sunny, and semi-Humid
Yield: 350-400g/m2 Indoor / 500 g/plant Oudoor
Flavors: Grape, Candy, Berries, Earthy,  Sweet, Citrus
THC Level: 15-20%
CBD Level: 0.28%
Height: Short
Harvest Period: October
Growing Difficulty: Moderate

What are the Flavor and Effects of Crushed Grapes Feminized?

This strain’s fragrance is a combination of sweet grape-like aromas and an earthy, musky scent, and it does not disappoint the users. Her tastes are similar, but when consumed, the taste is becoming more noticeable within the mouth. The dark creamy smoke has a grape-like and moist earth scent, which is a typical marijuana scent.

Crushed Grapes Fem Strain is a mildly potent marijuana strain. Unlike other strain that offers a substantial boost, it could be much easier to use and enjoy this strain. The symptoms of the Crushed Grapes Strain take a long time to occur. Instead, it gradually builds up over time, taking just a few minutes to be noticeable. Most users report that their heads get clear and that heightened senses and increased focus follow this. Users will soon feel fulfilled and euphoric when their brains undergo an uplifting feeling. It does allow people to start thinking creatively. The plant’s Indica side eventually makes its way through to the body. It also a very suitable strain to use for beginners.

What are the Medical Benefits of Crushed Grapes Feminized?

Crushed Grapes hemp plants can be used for a variety of applications for medical marijuana users. For a brief period, the strain’s gentle, inducing g effects may help relieve fatigue, depression, and anxiety symptoms. It can support people who have mild chronic pains, tension, pain, aches, and muscle spasms. Many people experience sleepiness and insomnia, but the Grape Crush favorable impacts help them combat it, and it is reported to be very effective. Since it is more dreamy and dopey than cerebral, Crushed Grapes cannabis strains are ideal for individuals susceptible to hysteria or paranoia or who have a low THC tolerance.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Crushed Grapes Feminized 

Crushed Grapes can dehydrate the consumer and make their eyes red and mouth dry. However, you can quickly address it by consuming a large amount of hydrating liquids. Keeping a tube of moisturizing eye drops on hand can help soothe dry, irritated skin.

How to Grow Crushed Grapes Feminized?

Crushed Grapes fem can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors environment, and in fact, it also grows well in hydroponics. Growers can also use organic soils as a medium if they a more durable flavor to emit. By changing it to a more comfortable position just before flowering, it is possible to induce a chemical reaction that results in the appearance of some blue and purple colors. It has little effect on the herb’s flavor or efficacy, but that does make it look much healthier and more appealing. 

Since the Crushed Grapes Strain Fem seeds produce small, bushy plants that fit easily into small spaces, they can indeed be developed indoors. Crushed grapes take 8 to 9 weeks to mature. When grown, each sq meter of the crop can yield 350-400g/m2 of buds. This marijuana strain can also be cultivated outdoors, but successful harvesting requires a semi-humid atmosphere with daytime temperatures around 70 and 80° Fahrenheit. Marijuana growers should be able to reap about 500 g/plant or more after a few more weeks. It blooms in early October and can select in late October.

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  1. Avatar for Archie


    A lot of lovely purple colors, beautiful crystals, and great buds on this plant. She gets to enjoy growing in the sunlight. This girl is easy to take care of for me, and she’s also pretty short!.YIELD? per crop produced nearly 18 oz – outdoor setup. Honestly, I didn’t really have trust in it when I bought it. I’m glad to give this a try. Now, the buzz hit me in the nicest way after I took my first bowl of this one. After such a busy and exhausting day at work, this is the perfect choice to unwind. It was well-deserved. A pot that helps me sleep well at night. Name itself is true! it has the taste of a sweet grape. NO regrets! Guys, you should give it a shot right now!..

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