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Durban Poison Feminized Marijuana Seeds

(35 customer reviews)

Strain Overview

This original strain was brought to us in the 90’s from Africa. After perfecting the feminization process in our European labs, we can now offer you this sativa-dominant beauty. Maintain energy, happiness, and creativity with this sticky, trichome-rich girl.

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More About Durban Poison Feminized

Descended from Original Durban, which is named after its origins in Durban, South Africa, Durban Poison comes with the same highly psychedelic effects that its parent is known for. That is not surprising at all, given the high THC content of this cannabis strain, which can go up to more than 20%.

It can be grown outdoors and indoors, and its buds are always fat and heavy and coated in thick layers of sparkling trichomes. You do not even have to smoke Durban Poison to get excited. The sight of its large glands generously overflowing with resin is enough to make you drool. If grown outdoors, Durban Poison can yield up to 350g. Indoors, that number shoots up to 550g.

Aside from psychedelic effects, a euphoric high can be expected as a result of smoking this strain. Your energy and creativity are given a boost. This is an ideal smoke for days when you have to be productive or need to think up concepts for important projects at work or at home. There is no burnout effect after.

Durban Poison is perfect if you are into the euphoric effects or feelings induced by strains that are dominantly sativa, as Durban Poison is 60% sativa. Nothing is better than sitting in the shade and feeling your mood slowly being lifted up by a Durban Poison joint.

35 reviews for Durban Poison Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Joe Sissler

    Joe Sissler

    Last year I grew 4 DP along with 2 Gelato and two Blueberry. DP came in approx 2 weeks after the rest. The yield was about 650 grams per. I did have a problem with corn worms with the last 2 DP’s. The late season probably gave them a chance to get est.

  2. Avatar for austin hathaway

    austin hathaway

    this has ben fast and easy

  3. Avatar for Brent Steve

    Brent Steve

    You would definitely grow more of these top quality seeds. The quality of these seeds is just so good that it grows without much needed attention. Truly a perfect choice if you are looking for a strain thats good for the body and for business!

  4. Avatar for Tony Scott

    Tony Scott

    Truly sativa-dominant! Smoking this brings me to a different kind of high that I have never felt from the previous strain I used! I am currently doing a lot of stuff at work and it’s usually draining! Thanks to Durban Poison, I need not suffer from low energy anymore. I accomplish a lot of things at home and I still time for watching basketball on TV! And no guaranteed burnout indeed! I love it!

  5. Avatar for YDF


    Germ 5 out of 5. Grew outdoor, ranged from 7 to 9 ft, huge buds, 1 pound per plant easy. Long flowering.

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