Early Skunk Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Early Skunk feminized strain is popular for its fast flowering, easy growing, and heavy harvests. It is potent and perfect for relaxing, especially during quiet weekends or before you sleep. It has a high THC amount with buds coated with delicious resin. And with very little effort, you’ll get amazing yields to come harvest time.

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More About Early Skunk (fem)

Reliable Performance and Excellent Results

This Early Skunk (fem) is by far the best and all-round strain to find. This boasts reliable performance and excellent results. This is a known feminized variety, whereas the male variety is eliminated at the beginning of the flowering time. This can produce fast, tough, and vibrant plants for a heavy and lush harvest of frosted and dank buds in any climate.

Grow this happily in your garden, in your outdoor location, or in your balcony. But, of course, there must be direct sunlight coming out to it. This is released to be a superb hybrid to grow outdoors as a uniform, reliable, and feminize strain. This comes to its perfection as a productive, potent, hardy, and easy to grow strain.

Its THC level is between fifteen to twenty-two percent. It is great for giving a resin-encrusted and solid flower being formed. It also brings about massive yields that make it a perfect option for you.

3 reviews for Early Skunk Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for LowriderJones


    First off, I just love skunk strains. It’s a personal preference, yes, but as I’ve been an avid smoker for over 25yrs and cultivator for half that, I feel that’s a solid base for an honest assessment. As mentioned in another comment, early skunk is an “easy” grow. This doesn’t mean you can skip steps or neglect her, but she is much more forgiving and resistant to common issues (mold, pests, etc) than many other strains. She fills in with very chunky buds, nice and frosty, and finishes quite quickly as her name suggests. Stink and taste? Delicious. She finished around 5-6ft tall, nice and bushy, very full. Yeild is fantastic considering square footage and flowering time. She clones nicely, not the easiest/strongest regarding cloning that I’ve worked with, but not difficult. If you take care of her **properly**, she will reward you with fat, frosty, skunky nuggets and a big smile each time you stick your nose in her jar. I would absolutely recommend her as a solid beginner strain. I would also recommend her for outdoor grows further north, as she finishes well before the frost and yeilds quite nicely. I ran her in far northeast US outdoor last summer along with a handful of other strains. She was the 1st to finish, and yeilded better than some of the other ones that took longer. If you’re new to growing, skunk strains are a great place to start. I have run at least 7 different strains from crop king, and have not yet been disappointed. The genetics are on point. Hopefully this helps make your decision easier! Happy growing!! 🤙😎

  2. Avatar for CJ


    Early Skunk, nice sticky and an easy healthy plant.

  3. Avatar for dobs


    Have one of these in my tent and 3 in my greenhouse, they are robust and easy to grow, clone well, will post again when I harvest but the plants look amazing

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