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Fire OG Feminized Marijuana Seeds

(2 customer reviews)

Strain Overview

Tasty with a psychoactive buzz, Fire OG feminized strain is sure to capture your attention. It is an indica-dominant strain that will trigger creativity, motivation, and focus. You need Fire OG if you want an extra push to survive a busy day. It is also one of the most flavorful strains with sugar, spice, and woody flavors to enjoy.

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More About Fire OG (fem)

A Super- Awesome Hybrid

Fire OG is a tasty, pungent indica-dominant cannabis. With 70% indica genetic composition, be sure you’re ready for her amazing psychoactive buzz. That means she is so potent, considering that she contains 16-21% THC. It’s all because she is the offspring of San Fernando Valley OG Kush and OG Kush. Her parents are legendary smokes, so you can expect Fire OG to be like them.

The high she induces is a quick, creative, and uplifting sensation that will make you more determined and motivated. Fire OG can help a lot if you need extra energy for a super busy day. With a few tokes, she will let you feel a sudden energy gush that leaves you stimulated and euphoric. It will slowly fade into a strong couchlock sensation that can make you feel hungry and sleepy.

You will also enjoy a mix of tantalizing flavors and scents like woody, sugary, and pine. Fire OG is so beautiful that you should consider giving her space in your garden.

2 reviews for Fire OG Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Carlos Proctor

    Carlos Proctor

    I cultivated this sort of strain, and it gave me a great yield, unexpectedly. It’s solid, lightweight, and cushy. Great smoke!!! You may need to get some more!! This strain is really fine for u, if you want to start cultivating, this is a fantastic option, but buying this here in CropKing is the better choice!

  2. Avatar for jv420


    finished this one out 4wks ago n a very good tasting smoke its strong n the effects are what we say around here will knock your d#c in the dirt dont mess very good med grew in bag n ffmix gen hydro nutes n trained heavy 6wks veg n took 8wks flower. She started at wk5 the leaves sort of died off HINT. Pick out dead leaves from colas had 2 mains go bad [ 1 mold n 1 some kind of dry rot] over oz lost but got 156gr good producer n just planted another thankyou CK

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