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Galaxy Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Shop with confidence! We offer secure payment options including Bitcoin, Credit Cards, and even Cash. Your financial data is safe and your choices are varied. Your security is our priority.

184 Packs Overall Sold

Prepare to embark on an intergalactic adventure with Galaxy Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds, an exquisite Indica-dominant hybrid combining classic and famous Northern Lights and Afghani strains.

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Galaxy Strain
Galaxy Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds
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Table Header
Northern Lights x Afghani
THC Level
CBD Level
CBG Level
Category Type
Growing Level
Flowering Time
7-8 weeks
Indoor Height
Small (0-4 FT)
Outdoor Height
Large (8+ FT)
Harvest Time
End of September
Indoor Yields
600 grams
Outdoor Yields
2000 grams
Taste and Smell
Citrus, Earthy, Pine, Skunky
Caryophyllene, Limonene, Myrcene

With THC levels of 25% and a CBD content of 1.10%, this strain offers a cosmic experience like no other. Galaxy Strain’s growing period of 7 to 8 weeks challenges even the most experienced cultivators, but the bountiful rewards are well worth it. Galaxy Strain is here to elevate your senses and take you through the stars, from its mind-blowing effects to its potential creative and uplifting benefits. In addition to its production, it produces a solid and enduring mental and physical high. Maximize your harvest with Crop King Seeds‘ Galaxy Strain. Get your seeds delivered discreetly and enjoy free shipping on orders over 200$.

What is the Galaxy Strain?

This strain was created by fusing the Northern Lights and Afghani strains. Galaxy Strain’s effects are a product of its unique terpene profile and carefully balanced THC and CBD levels. With THC levels ranging from 17% to 22%, this strain offers a potent experience that will transport you to new dimensions of bliss. The CBD content, measuring 1.10%, provides a gentle grounding effect, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable ride through the cosmos. Galaxy is a strain with an 80% Indica and 20% Sativa ratio. It’s a potent Indica that will lead you through the universe’s greatest mysteries and emphasizes total relaxation due to its lineage. This strain is rich in myrcene, limonene, and caryophyllene, creating a harmonious symphony of aromas and effects. Myrcene enhances the strain’s seductive relaxation and lends a soothing quality to the overall experience. Limonene contributes a zesty citrus note, adding a dash of upliftment and brightness. Lastly, caryophyllene brings a spicy and peppery undertone, complementing the strain’s creative and energizing effects.

Strain Effects

Prepare to elevate your mind and soar through the cosmos with the captivating effects of Galaxy Strain. This extraordinary cannabis variety is designed to ignite your creativity, energize your spirit, and take you on a cosmic adventure. Buckle up and get ready for a mind-blowing journey! Once the strain takes effect, you’ll feel an explosion of creativity that will send your imagination into hyperdrive. Whether you’re an artist, a writer, or someone seeking inspiration, this strain will unlock the doors to your creative potential and set your ideas ablaze. Ideas will flow effortlessly as you navigate the galaxy of your thoughts, fueled by the unique combination of terpenes and cannabinoids. You’ll feel an energy rush that drives you onward and equips you to overcome any obstacle.

Galaxy Strain is the ideal partner for afternoon adventures or a burst of productivity when you need it most. Its energizing buzz will keep you motivated and focused. Say bye to sluggishness and welcome this intergalactic strain’s energizing hug. A mild hunger will appear as the high wears off, nagging you to delve into the culinary universe’s wide variety of flavors. Every bite will become a heavenly experience, making your taste buds dance in joy, from rich sweets to delectable meals.

Strain Aroma, Flavor & Appearance

Prepare to be greeted by an enticing aroma combining nature’s best offerings. Galaxy Strain boasts a skunky base note reminiscent of a walk through a lush pine forest after a light summer rain. As you delve deeper, the earthy undertones transport you to the heart of a pristine garden, connecting you with the natural world. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, a burst of citrus weaves into the blend, adding a refreshing and invigorating touch to the overall experience. Galaxy Strain is known for its dense and bulked-up structure, reminiscent of a constellation of stars compacted into a single nugget. These buds are a sight to behold, with their impressive size and tightly packed formation. The density ensures a potent experience, as every inch of these intergalactic beauties is filled with the full force of their flavors and effects. The attractiveness of this strain bag is entirely natural. It emits an ammonia-like odor that combines with citrus and pine smells. The base flavor will be a combination of earthiness and skunkiness once burned. However, the zingy citrus and pine flavors somewhat overshadow this. Under the lights, the trichomes sparkle like the thousands of stars and galaxies that make up the night sky.

Growing Information

Galaxy Strain thrives in a climate that mirrors the warm and sunny regions of the cosmos. It yearns for the nurturing embrace of abundant sunshine, providing the energy it needs to reach for the stars. So, find a cozy spot in your garden or create an indoor oasis replicating the ideal conditions for this strain. This strain is a very accommodating cannabis type to grow, making it a great option for growers, particularly beginners, looking for an easy and satisfying growing experience. The plant’s branches narrow as it ages, necessitating support because the buds can get extremely heavy and dense. Keep an eye on the relative humidity (RH) since too much water vapor in the air can build up inside the dense buds as they enter the flowering stage, resulting in bud rotting. Indoor cultivation of this strain will require careful attention and control of environmental factors. Keep the temperature within the optimal range and provide adequate ventilation to maintain a healthy airflow. This will help prevent moisture build-up and ensure the plants stay happy and productive. Additionally, monitor the humidity levels as Feminized Galaxy Strain is sensitive to excessive moisture. Maintaining a balanced humidity level gives your plants the best chance to thrive.

Given the right conditions, it has the potential to grow into magnificent specimens, reaching heights of 5 to 8 feet or even more. The outdoors allows these intergalactic beauties to stretch branches and soak up the sun’s rays. Just make sure to choose a location that offers ample sunlight and protection from excessive winds. When ready to be harvested, which takes around 7 to 8 weeks in September, indoor growers can expect 600 grams per square meter, while outdoor cultivators may enjoy a bountiful harvest of 2000 grams per plant. These numbers reflect this strain’s abundance, rewarding your patience and nurturing with a galaxy of dense and potent buds. Embrace the challenge, and witness the extraordinary growth of Galaxy Strain. From its small to large stature, abundant yields, and sensitivity to humidity, cultivating this strain will be an adventure worth undertaking.

Frequency Ask Questions

What does Galaxy Strain look like?

Imagine yourself holding a bud from the Galaxy Strain. As you examine it closely, you’ll notice the intricate patterns that resemble distant galaxies, with trichomes glistening like stars scattered across the surface. The colors range from deep forest green to vibrant hints of purple, mirroring the diverse wonders of the cosmos.
This strain has a distinctive flavor that is robust and sweet with traces of pine. The best thing about Galaxy’s high is that its users can experience its effects for a significant amount of time. Its euphoric high and mood-lifting effects make it ideal since the calming effects leave you happy and elevated.
Due to its balanced hybrid nature and potential potency, Galaxy Strain may be better suited for individuals who have some prior experience with cannabis.

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