Great White Shark Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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The breeder Green House developed The Great White Shark Feminized Strain, a potent Indica-dominant strain. It has won numerous awards, including the High Life Hemp Fair in 2005 as first place and High Times Cannabis Cup in 1997, making it an old strain with a long and illustrious past. Great White Shark Feminized Strain is a hybrid of three-way crosses of Super Skunk, Brazillian, and South Indian landraces. The THC content of this cannabis strain is around 14%. The aroma of this cannabis strain is sweet, citrusy, and earthy. It also has a gentle tropical taste. The scent is not overwhelming or intense, making this cannabis strain odor-wise manageable. The mild flavor of the smoke is a combination of skunk and fruity with a strong tang.

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Great White Shark Feminized Strain Specification

Type: 80% Indica 20% Sativa
Genetics Parents: Super Skunk x Brazillian x South Indian landraces
Flowering Period: 7-8 Weeks
Climate: Mediterranean Climate
Yield: 600 grams (Indoors) 500-1000 grams (Outdoors)
Flavors: Sweet, Pungent, Pineapple, Citrus, Apple, Earthy
THC Level: 14%
CBD Level: 0.01%
Height: 30-100 cm Tall
Harvest Period: October
Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Flavors and Effects of Great White Shark Feminized Strain?

The smell of a Great White Shark Feminized Strain is citrus-infused, skunky, earthy, and has a touch of pineapple. Its scent is appealing and energizing to many consumers, but it might be too intense for newcomers. This cannabis strain is perfect for those who enjoy intense flavors. It has a tart citrus flavor with a hint of sweetness, identical to its fragrance. And after only one puff, the taste is so intense that it persists on your tongue for a long time. The effects of this cannabis strain are powerful, long-lasting, and have a sudden absorption. The body stone is highly potent, and many consumers refer to it as a “one-hitter quitter.” The seamless smoke can ease you into a pleasant euphoria in no time. On lazy, socially awkward days, this is advised to smoke. It is great for inspiration, reflection, and even deep thought, but it’s not the best option for a work schedule with lots of social contacts.

What are the Medical Benefits of Great White Shark Feminized Strain?

Just like any other strain, the Great White Shark Feminized Strain does have its range of therapeutic advantages. It can offer an appetite boost to all those suffering from eating disorders or anorexia, making it a beneficial alternative. It could also help with anxiety and stress, and improving mood, and offering a calming sensation. Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) are all conditions that can benefit from Great White Shark Feminized medication. A Great White Shark can also help with depression, nausea, and migraine.

Negative Effects You Can Expect From Great White Shark Feminized Strain

Since the Great White Shark Feminized is a more practical version, you can expect some adverse effects if you consume it. This cannabis strain can leave your mouth dry, as well as an overall feeling of sleepy, with your eyes feeling itchy and dry. This cannabis strain can make you feel dizzy in some situations, often due to once consumed in large amounts. The Great White Shark Fem strain can make you feel paranoid, an adverse effect that can make you feel anxious, particularly if you’re a first-time user.

How To Grow Great White Shark Feminized Strain?

A real earth shaker is the Great White Shark Feminized. The great covering of trichomes covering the highly potent buds gives the plant the appearance of a beautiful white icy hilltop if it starts to bloom. This cannabis plant is longer than most other Indicas, but not as long as many Sativas. If grown indoors, it won’t take up much room, and it thrives in a SOG setting with hydroponics. After nine weeks of flowering, with adequate feeding and lighting management, it will be ready to be harvested. A generous yield of around 1.63-2.62 ounces for every sq foot is anticipated. Because its robust structure can endure a certain level of bad weather conditions, this load-bearing strain thrives best outside. However, it grows best in a sunny place, as do most marijuana strains. If everything goes well, but the freeze doesn’t hurt the crop, you’ll have a massive yield of around 35 ounces for every plant by October.

1 review for Great White Shark Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for J. Allen

    J. Allen

    I highly recommend this strain!!! At first, I was feeling energetic but then deep relaxation hit me. Best used on lazy weekends or after a long stressful day to help you get a peaceful sleep. It has a complex aroma, with a mixture of sweet, citrus, and pungent aroma. I grew it indoors, and I’m glad it is resistant to molds. I was able to enjoy its lavish yield after 9 -10 weeks.

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