Green Dream Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Green Dream Feminized is an indica-dominant hybrid strain that was created through the combination of Blue Dream’s and Green Crack’s genetics. Having feminized genes and a relatively high level of THC ranging from 20% to 24%, you can expect Green Dream to emanate robust indica-leaning effects and qualities. With that being said, Green Dream offers a completely relaxing physical high that does not lead to sedation and transports you into a euphoric state of mind. For this reason, this strain is of great assistance to several physical and mental conditions such as mild and chronic pain, headaches, stress, anxiety, and depression. To complete the entire experience of smoking Green Dream, enjoy its very pleasant piney and woody flavors along with refreshing hints of sweet and citrus.

In just a matter of eight to nine weeks of its flowering period, both novice and seasoned growers will find it easy to grow Green Dream. Furthermore, it produces quite an abundant yield averaging from 500 to 700 grams. That is why many refer to Green Dream Feminized to be such a dream-turned-reality strain.

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Green Dream Feminized Strain Specifications

Type: Indica-dominant (70%) / Sativa (30%)
Genetics Parents: Blue Dream x Green Crack
Flowering Period: 8 weeks to 9 weeks
Climate: Mediterranean, continental, sunny, temperate
Yield: 500-650 g/m2 (indoors) and 500-700 g/plant (outdoors)
Flavors: sweet, citrus, pine, woody
THC Level: 20% – 24%
CBD Level: 0.48%
Height: Small to medium
Harvest Period: September
Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the flavor and effects of Green Dream Feminized?

What adds to the entirety of Green Dream’s dreamy effects are its very pleasant flavor and aroma. It is really evident in its overall fragrance that Green Dream takes after her parents’ earthy yet fruity aroma, with notes of berry and skunk. Moreover, the flavor that comes with Green Dream also does not disappoint as you will be greeted with tastes of wood and pine accompanied with hints of citrus and sweet undertones. Overall, the entire sensation Green Dream has brought to the palate is likened to the experience of having a fruit-flavored green tea in the afternoon.

In terms of its effects, Green Dream can boast a mentally stimulating high that encourages creativity and inspiration among its users. This cerebrally centered buzz is essentially anchored by a deep sense of euphoria, which is a good prompter to social interaction. Eventually, as the high settles, the energy Green Dream provides is converted into relaxation wherein it calms your nerves and senses but it does not put you into a sedative state. That is why Green Dream is a good choice for a mid-day smoke, where you just need to relax in between your exhausting tasks for the day.

What are the medical benefits of Green Dream Feminized?

Having lesser concentrations of CBD, Green Dream is an unlikely treatment for seizures and other severe medical conditions. However, despite its low CBD content, it is still capable of providing assistance to several illnesses because of its very potent THC and overwhelming sativa effects. The euphoria that Green Dream provides is an effective stress reliever and antidepressant for those dealing with mental problems like depression and anxiety. Additionally, the anti-inflammatory properties of Green Dream trigger relaxation and thus sufficient for reducing pain from migraines and headaches, as well as minimized tension that caused muscle spasms.

Negative effects you can expect from Green Dream Feminized

Despite its outstanding therapeutic benefits and recreational advantages, Green Dream cannot seem to evade the common side effects that a marijuana plant usually comes with. Thus, when smoking this strain, expect to experience some cottonmouth and dry and itchy eyes. These are just minor issues that can be mitigated by drinking plenty of water before, during, and after the pot session. Also, the eye problems can just be remedied by some eye drops. However, when Green Dream is consumed excessively especially that it has a very potent effect, it can give rise to more serious problems such as dizziness, paranoia, and anxiety.

How to grow Green Dream Feminized

Green Dream Feminized is the dream strain to cultivate especially for beginners and even seasoned growers alike since it is very convenient and easy to grow. It can also thrive in both indoor and outdoor settings, hence, it is quite adaptable to its environment. When growing this strain indoors, it is suggested to utilize hydroponics or a soil medium. Be also mindful of its humidity and temperature in order to not invite mildews and molds to your plant. In addition, it can help the plant if you prune it from time to time so that there will be better air circulation for the leaves and lower branches. On the other hand, if grown outdoors, just make sure to have a strong shed for a growing space because when exposed to harsh weather conditions like rain and heavy wind, it might destroy the plant. If you successfully cultivated Green Dream within eight to nine weeks, you will be rewarded by its bountiful harvest.


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