Hawaiian Skunk Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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An Indica-dominant hybrid strain with feminized modifications, Hawaiian Skunk Strain. It is produced by breeding two well-known and notoriously potent strains, specifically Hawaiian Indica and Skunk #1.

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Strain Profile Info

Type: Indica-dominant
Parents: Skunk #1 x Hawaiian Indica
Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks
Climate: warm and dry climate
Yield: 400 g/m2 (indoors) and 500 g/plant (outdoors)
Flavor: earthy, spicy, woody, sweet, citrus
THC Level: 20%
CBD Level: 1%
Height: 90 cm.
Harvest Period: October
Growing Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

Hawaiian Skunk, a powerful strain suitable for recreational and medical usage, is predominately Indica with a reasonably high THC level of 20% and CBD at 1%. It has a certain buzz primarily focused on physical stoning but also contains some bliss. This strain’s delicious blend of sweet and spicy flavor, with undertones of earth and wood, further contributes to its popularity. Hawaiian Skunk Strain is also an excellent option for novice growers still experimenting with marijuana cultivation because it is simple to grow. While it may produce up to 400 grams per square meter indoors, it can also produce up to 500 grams per plant outside. Around 8 to 9 weeks, when everything is fully developed, everything becomes sweet. Crop King Seeds is your one-stop shop for top-notch marijuana seeds, including the sought-after Hawaiian Skunk Strain. Place an order of 200$ or more and get free shipping.

What is the Hawaiian Skunk Strain?

The Hawaiian Skunk strain has a 20% to 1% THC and 1% CBD concentration. This light green poppy flower, a mix between Hawaiian Indica and Skunk #1, alludes to the uplifting, Sativa-dominant high it produces. The 65% Indica to 35% Sativa lineage ratio gives this flower the ideal energizing and calming high. The strain is well-known for its aroma and scent. Because of its potent sedative qualities, users only have a few hits to fall asleep soundly.

Strain Effects

Cannabis lovers and users of Hawaiian Skunk Strain are already aware of its calming yet euphoric blend of effects. The body-heavy sensation Hawaiian Skunk emits is undeniable. Although it may feel physically overwhelming, it always calms down and releases all the pressure and tension in your body. Because of this, most people who prefer this strain frequently pass out. On the other hand, despite its dominant Indica characteristics, this strain also enables you to experience irrational excitement, lightness, and vitality at the start of the high, lifting your spirits and socializing with your peers while smoking. But be aware of its sedative effects, especially once the stone sets in. With this in mind, this strain is better off consuming after a long work day and before you surrender to bed.

Strain Aroma, Flavor & Appearance

The Hawaiian Skunk Strain’s excellent balance of sweet and citrus flavors, unexpected chemical undertone, and skunky aftertaste are the flavors that stand out the most. Furthermore, this strain’s smoke has additional notes of wood and sweet sage, which linger on the tongue for a considerable time, making it comparable to how it tastes. The delicious aroma of the small to medium-sized light green buds is slightly musky, slightly citric, and well-balanced with a pleasant lemony flavor. Skunk and earth complete the essence of the blossom, and its bright light is provided by its yellow and brown hairs.

Growing Information on Hawaiian Skunk Strain

Hawaiian Skunk Feminized is a simple strain to grow, a significant benefit for experienced and beginner growers. To control an ideal growing environment for the plant, maintain a controlled ventilation and temperature system when cultivating this strain since it is a high-THC strain with few issues for outdoor cultivation. This strain thrives in warm, dry conditions and can be identified by its short, mold- and mildew-resistant stalks. You should periodically prune its branches to transfer nutrients evenly throughout the plant. In just 8 to 9 weeks, you can already have a fully developed Hawaiian Skunk Feminized plant. This plant is known for having periods of inactivity followed by abrupt height increases, which makes indoor cultivation challenging. You’ll need to keep an eye out for these growth spurts. Beginner growers can obtain an average yield if they use the recommended methods.

Frequently Asked Questions

What adverse effects can be expected from this strain?

Given Hawaiian Skunk Strain’s potential, it should come as no surprise that it has some adverse effects. These side effects are generally not severe, but they should be noted. Hawaiian Skunk has the same potential side effects as other marijuana strains, including cottonmouth, dry eyes, and dehydration. As a result, it’s crucial to stay hydrated and use eye drops if you notice that your eyes are drying out.

Is Hawaiian Skunk Strain strong?

As you dive deeper into this high portion, your body will start to feel the tingle and potential dizziness for which this strain is known. After taking one or two hits of this strain, you will experience a beautiful fusion of earthy and woody aromas with a hint of sage. The strain is also highly potent.

What are the strain’s common effects?

You immediately experience an apparent cerebral rush, followed by an upsurge in energy and exhilaration. This positive mood sometimes lasts for hours and makes people more talkative. Its main effect is drowsiness; Hawaiian Skunk will put users to sleep, but only after first promoting a feeling of uplift and relaxation and appropriately stimulating the brain.

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    Dan Fritz (verified owner)

    Just finished week 3, these ladies are 2-3 foot shrubs…been defoliating and topped 3 times already

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