Hindu Kush Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Strain Overview

Hindu Kush is a fantastic legendary strain with a complex aroma and flavor. It has a musky odor that intensifies when you smoke this strain. It is a short and compact plant but has productive yields. It is a wonderful stealth strain perfect for people who cannot grow cannabis legally from where they are.

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More About Hindu Kush (fem)

A Pure, Potent Indica

She’s one of the legendary cannabis strains you can ever try. She originated in the Hindu Kush mountainous region that creates the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan. She has been marked by her big clustered greenish sticky buds.

Her aroma is extremely complex, which is a blend of musky and sweet scent, with hints of sandalwood, spice, wet earth, and pine. Its musky odor will intensify when you burn and smoke her flowers. Thus, she produces a rich smoke that can be harsh or cough-inducing. Inhale it and savor a vague taste like pine.

Aside from her aroma and taste, you will also enjoy her effects. The Hindu Kush is a creeper. At first, you will feel physically relaxed. In the end, you will feel lazy and sleepy. Taking her at a higher dose will surely lead you to the couch-locked state. As a plant, she is short and bushy. She rarely reaches 5 feet in height. Despite that, she yields decently. Growing her indoors is much better than outdoors.

6 reviews for Hindu Kush Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Alfred


    This is a work of legends! I can’t stop marveling on the huge and sticky green clustered buds of my short, compact plant. The smell on the other hand takes some getting used to. The sweet, musky, earthy odor gets stronger the moment you light it up. I cough every time I take a hit which lets out smoke so heavy that I have what seems like a cloud around my head. Anyway, every smoke session with this strain really knocks me out. Waking up the day after is a delight because I feel less stressed and well relaxed. Highly recommended to those who work too much! Just don’t smoke and drive, ya’ll!

  2. Avatar for Thomas Veitch

    Thomas Veitch

    This Hindu Kush is a plant that is very simple to grow and compact and very lightweight as well, the flowers are so light green. As a user, this offers ample smoke and produces a sweet scent and flavor. and smell such incredible floral stuff. With the number of grams, I harvested from my awesome marijuana plants, I feel absolutely impressive. It helps me get really high in the appropriate way. After a few puffs, the effect quickly kicks in it makes me feel energetic which is also followed by relaxing body buzz for a few minutes since it triggered my body.

  3. Avatar for L. Wilson

    L. Wilson

    this is a strong plant that has a spicy scent!.she produce plants that survives in warm spot. About 8 weeks of care outdoor I harvested a good yield around 14-17oz for each plant. how about her smoke? kinda spicy mixed with a classic earthiness smell so as her taste when touches the tongue. after taking enough dose,it kicks my mind to feel that excitement, few minutes the calming body buzz, as it energized my body, the good vibes strikes and feeling of happiness is there, worth a try!.the body high can make you lazy,stay in the bed all day. you can also feel dry mouth,dry eyes and dizziness too..new users must be responsible with the dose they will take..good seed for novice growers!..

  4. Avatar for Wanda Heath

    Wanda Heath

    This Hindu Kush is a very easy to grow plant and also small and very lightweight. This gives abundant smoke when consumer and produce a sweet scent and taste. It gives me so much comfort when I consume this, perfect to use at night.

  5. Avatar for Jos Starr

    Jos Starr

    this is the new strain in my lawn! saw this while browsing coz I’m looking for a seed best used against sleepless nights,I have trouble in sleeping. It is a simple plant,easy growing and pure indica which I badly needed. Its extreme relaxing effect is a big help!.If you are in a hurry this is for you, short flowering time (45 – 50 days), can be indoor coz it is a short compact plant but produce a good yields. Her buds are greenish sticky one. much thankful! she’s resistant to molds and disease less stress on my part. If you are a new user be mindful, she creates a rich smoke that possibly will make you cough. inhale it smell the spicy odor and wait til the sweet pine touches your tongue. Right strain for beginners..

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