Killer Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Strain Overview

The killer is a killer strain—a cannabis strain created after combining two very powerful strains. But you won’t be incapacitated or paralyzed by this strain as long as you maintain a moderate dose. It has a high 23% THC with a feast of flavors like a skunk, spice, flowery and earthy aromas, and scents.

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More About Killer (fem)

A Real Killer Strain

A strain with a strange name, Killer seems to offer all of the best when it comes to cannabis. She is the resulting plant when Rare Dankness has been crossed with Skywalker OG. Hence, she has good genetics that you will enjoy.

Her potency is just within a good level. With a THC content that ranges 20-23%, Killer offers the best when it comes to her taste and effects. For her flavor and aroma, you may notice hints of floral, spice, skunky, and earthy notes.

When it comes to effects, she may make you feel uplifted, relaxed, euphoric, happy, and mentally focused. You will enjoy all these great feelings for hours. Just a few tokes will be enough to enjoy everything that she can offer.

The killer is easy to grow. She is so easy to manage, so even the novices will have fun in cultivating her. She also offers the best during yields. For all of these, she truly deserves a spot in your garden.

9 reviews for Killer Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Henderson


    Ultimate relaxation experience! After smoking the smooth buzz of this strain, feels like my insomnia had gone away, it brought sedative effects and it held me to the couch and drifted into a deep sleep it was perfect for me! I grew the seeds of this weed indoors and kept its temperature to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. I regularly monitor its lightning condition as well to control the humidity since these plants were prone to molds. But the flowering time was just about 8 weeks and yields up to 15 ounces per sq meter which were great for a beginner like me.. I will never forget its citrusy and lemony pine aftertaste.. One hit and I was totally satisfied.

  2. Avatar for Geoffrey


    It really helped me with insomnia, it relaxes me and makes me sleep every time i toke its smooth smoke yet heavy stoney and couch locking effects. it also acts as my pain killer! Amazing, right? what I also love about this strain was the taste like a blend of lemon and pine as pleasant as its smells. growing these plants wasn’t easy, it’s prone to mold so I decided to plant it indoors just to monitor the temperature, and I was told to use 1000w lights to dry up the area. and it was perfect! I had a tall crop, yields were wide and buds were dense with white trichomes. Perfectly beautiful!!! SEE for yourself!

  3. Avatar for Taylor


    I grew these seeds indoors using the hydro method, I used 700w lights just to dry up its leaves for these plants were prone to mold if humidity is too high.. It really was a tall plant, its yields were high and wide. Its dense buds were covered with twinkling trichomes. a pungent mix of pine and earth taste and smell were perfect! This strain eases pain. I’ve had chronic body pain and I would say it really helps. I’m just so excited for my 2nd to grow!!

  4. Avatar for Aaron


    Growing this doesn’t take a master cultivating technique 🙂 Good soil or hydroponic setup, humidity control, and 600 w lights were enough to grow these weeds seeds, perfect to see its high yields and thin buds with white crystals. Smells and tastes good like a fiery citrusy yet sweet lemon. This strain is freeing and uplifting. an instantly relieving stress or anxiety. However, just because you can feel it right away doesn’t mean it’s done performing. These killer colas will creep up on you slowly and intensely so take it easy.

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