Lemon Garlic Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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No, this is not a recipe for fish or chicken; it’s a zesty and delicious cannabis strain. It is a hybrid with strong OG Kush properties that gives you a focused cerebral effect. You’ll love its mellow and longer-lasting effects that will push you throughout the day. It is also a good strain to grow for beginners to expert growers.

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More About Lemon Garlic (fem)

Brings Out the Best of True OG

The market offers a lot when it comes to cannabis strains, but Lemon Garlic still shines. She is a child of a legendary strain – True OG. Also known as Kobe OG, True OG is an indica smoke that possesses the strong genetics of OG Kush. Therefore, you can expect the best of OG Kush in Lemon Garlic.

Like her mother, she induces a potent effect characterized by a more focused cerebral high. She guarantees mellow and long-lasting effects that you will enjoy right from the first time you smoke. Her flowers exude a revitalizing scent, which is a combination of evergreen and citrus notes. With a decent THC content ranging from 17-20%, Lemon Garlic is sure to hit you with a body high that will last for hours.

Lemon Garlic is easy to grow. Thus, she is a good choice for both novices and experienced growers. She will yield decently in no time.

6 reviews for Lemon Garlic Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Craig Allen

    Craig Allen

    That’s what I love! Lemon Garlic Feminized Marijuana is my favorite strain so far. I was shocked that it is actually smelled like garlic. It also reward me high yield and can be grown very easily. This has helped me a lot with my lack appetite and cause me a peaceful sleep. I will surely buy this again.

  2. Avatar for C. Sanders

    C. Sanders

    the strain that will banish your stress and worries!..likes to drink a lemon juice? this strain will save you from that thirst with her fresh lemon pine scent and taste when smoke. in terms of yields,expect a good one!.after 9 weeks of nurturing, see the flowers bloom and long colas will be occupied with strong bushy trichomes..warm spot under sunlight is a great factor for a huge harvest..she simply combines the lemon,pine and garlic with fresh herbal hint that is delightful. after i had my first toke,joyful rush sink in my head, take away negative vibes and changes my mood. then ease muscle pain and slowly relaxes the body tends me to get lazy and stay at home..buy here and enjoy a high quality seed!..

  3. Avatar for Byr Thomas

    Byr Thomas

    just wooow!.. try this one!.once you’ll taste its lemon pine flavor, you will take more. Yes! right for a novice grower. i planted mine outdoor where she can say hello to the sunlight for better grow. not much effort to have a high yielder plant. its long thin leaves need some trimming for light penetration,so as air can go into the lower branches. takes 9 weeks flowering time for buds to mature. I smoke this with friends at night while doing star gazing in the rooftop,so relaxing and releases all the negative energy in the body. more on this kind.. thanks!

  4. Avatar for Russell Bloom

    Russell Bloom

    I gotta say this Lemon Garlic strain has exceeded my expectations from a strain. Experienced a high that’s very euphoric it instantly made my worries and negativities disappear. Felt like I was overflowing with happiness but then some time later, it felt like my body got sedated and then I fell into a deep sleep. But it was all good! Especially its lemon, pine and garlic flavor with its exotic combo of fresh but grassy hints. I admit I kinda loved it. I just had a bit of difficulty on the growing part since it’s not really easy to grow. Decided to grow it outdoor and I pretty much had a decent yield. Just don’t overfeed this one. If you love garlic or lemon or both, then you should give this a chance.

  5. Avatar for Ricardo Wilds

    Ricardo Wilds

    I like this strain because of its long-lasting effect! This strain is very easy to cultivate and offers a decent amount of yield. The aroma is pure of lemon and the pungent is so good. And the appearance is breathtakingly beautiful because of its hairy resin. The effects is very soothing and calming. Truly an amazing weed strain!

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