Lemon Kush Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Lemon Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds have a 23 percent THC content. This strain has average size, good yields, and flavors of citrus, earth, lemon, sweet, and spice. It is also one among the simplest to cultivate, but at 12 weeks, it can take a while to flower.

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Strain Profile Info

Type: Indica
Parents: Afghani x South American x Lemon G x Master Kush
Flowering Time: 8-12 weeks
Climate: Temperate/Continental, Sunny/Mediterranean
Yield: 16-19 oz
Flavor: Citrus, Earthy, Lemon, Spicy, Sweet
THC Level: 23%
CBD Level: 0.8%
Height: 47-71 inches
Harvest Period: October
Growing Difficulty: Moderate

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What is Lemon Kush?

The parentage of the Indica-dominant strain Lemon Kush is quite convoluted. A citrus-flavored strain with an alluring body high was produced by crossing Afghani, South American, Lemon G, and Master Kush. This lemon strain, a favorite among recreational marijuana users, yields about 23% THC, which is enough to render even the most seasoned users unconscious. This variety produces a high yield and matures into female plants that can be reproduced in many habitats.

This weed has a lot of promise for ground-breaking harvests of up to 600 grams per plant, whether it is grown indoors in a controlled atmosphere or outside where it can enjoy the sun. She has large branches and is a medium-sized shrub. Pruning and early training make her happier. She blooms in about 8 to 12 weeks, which is a shorter period of time. Compared to other Sativa strains, which take 10 to 12 weeks to do this, that is less time phase. Lemon Kush is appropriate for both novice and expert growers. The finest thing you could do today would be to include her in your garden.

Strain’s Flavor, Aroma & Appearance

When the feminized Lemon Kush plants begin flowering, the bud growth is prodigious and impressive. Bright yellow pistils emerge from dense clusters of vibrant green blooms, which also acquire a thick coating of resinous trichomes. Early flowering will provide a strong aroma; use a charcoal filter to lessen aromas that escape from your garden. Fresh Lemon Kush buds provide a distinctively earthy aroma that is a characteristic of Kush varieties. A sweet but acerbic lemon undertone helps to soften the heavy, musky fragrance. The distinctive scent of this strain is derived from the terpenes camphene, citral, humulene, and myrcene. The scent deepens and becomes more complex when the buds have been cured.

The cannabis retains its earthy, lemon-tinged flavor while gaining fragrant pine and spice undertones. The fragrant freshness reminds me of a pine and orange tree forest after a spring shower. A bowl of marijuana cultivated using Lemon Kush feminized seeds will emit a constant stream of silky silvery smoke when lit. Clear earth and lemon notes are present, but once lighted, spice and pine become more noticeable. You can get an excellent indication of how Lemon Kush will taste from the variety of aromas it produces. The dense, earthy, deep smoke has a particular sweetness and a crisp lemon flavor. A lovely citrus and pine aftertaste is left behind with each exhalation.

Growing Information of Lemon Kush

High-yielding Lemon Kush plants from feminized seeds grow to about four feet indoors but can reach six feet outdoors in the right circumstances. This cultivar has a great yield and is not too difficult to grow. To get the most out of this one, it helps to have growth management experience. Both soil-based and soilless environments are suitable for growing these feminized Lemon Kush seeds. Use rich, organic soil to boost the terpene profile of your cannabis for better flavor and smell in your buds. A hydroponic system enables precise fertilizer delivery, promoting rapid vegetative growth and higher harvests.

Because Lemon Kush feminized seeds produce plants that are incredibly light-hungry, indoor growers must use high wattage and adequate coverage to ensure optimum growth. Regular pruning reduces foliage, allowing more of the plants to be illuminated. Techniques for low-stress training can enhance light exposure and boost airflow. Once your Lemon Kush plant starts to flower, keep relative humidity at 50–60% only until the last two weeks, when RH should be reduced to 40–50%. After 8-9 weeks of flowering, a well-kept indoor garden may produce an amazing 16-19.5 oz/m2. A warm, Mediterranean-style climate is necessary for growing feminized Lemon Kush seeds outdoors with the greatest results.

It is possible to grow in the Northern Hemisphere, but the harvests won’t be as abundant as they could be. Mold is prevented and air circulation is improved by trimming back the plants’ huge fan leaves and training them. Stealth growers may want to think about choosing another variety since this one’s potent odor is readily recognizable even outside. After 8 to 9 weeks of flowering, you can harvest your crop of plants that were cultivated with feminized Lemon Kush seeds. To avoid frost, those who live further north must finish by October. Optimal outside circumstances can lead to bountiful crops. Each plant should produce 17.5–21 oz. of zesty, fragrant cannabis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a beginner grow Lemon Kush Feminized Seeds?

Unlike most Indicas, Lemon Kush fem seeds grow into strong, resilient plants that are a little bit taller. For the best results, they need a significant amount of growth management and upkeep due to their thick foliage and greater size. For these reasons, we advise that you get some expertise before returning and experimenting with fem lemon Kush seeds.

What is Lemon Kush Feminized flower time?

Lemon Kush feminized seeds produce plants that blossom for 55–65 days, or 8–9 weeks. Cannabis plants go through a last push during which all of their energy is focused on producing flowers. To guarantee that your plants produce the largest buds possible, avoid harvesting too early.

What is the average Lemon Kush Feminized height?

Taller than most Indica-dominant strains, Lemon Kush feminized seeds produce taller plants. Indoor specimens often grow to a height of four feet, while well-lit outdoor conditions may allow them to grow even further. They frequently grow up to six feet tall in areas with strong sunlight.

5 reviews for Lemon Kush Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Butler


    For sure it’s a favorite strain of many breeders! yes, I super loved her refreshing smell and delicious taste. Great yielder plant that blooms attractively under sunshine. In my lawn,she grow about 140cm tall,also pleases me with her harvest nearly 530gr for each plant. She made me appreciate life more, than to worry a lot. She is a good friend you can count on lol tiring day?dont worry her smoke will hit your body to full relaxation.Her buzz slowly get inside my mind and I feel energized,focus and motivated. What I did next? I clean the entire house lol then did some exercise. My day ended with a calming feeling and peace of mind. So true,she has an earthy sweet lemon aroma that impress tokers, sweet taste smoke that leaves the tongue a citrus hint with a bit of spice. I had an amazing experience with this plant.

  2. Avatar for Michael S.

    Michael S.

    I am here because I wanna brag about my Lemon Kush plant and yield. CKS didn’t disappoint. When they said quality, it really was. In about 10 weeks, I was able to harvest a lot and I mean a lot of yield. My plant on the other hand grew very beautifully. It didn’t take much training for it to turn into a medium-sized herb with huge branches covered in white, hardy nuggets and wrapped with a lot of resin. The smell is refreshing and the citrusy taste is a delight to the tongue. Smoking it was smooth as hell which gives me the relaxing feeling I needed after a long, tiring day working at farm. Body pain disappears too! This strain is perfect!

  3. Avatar for Greg Hunter

    Greg Hunter

    good smelling strain with a great taste!.growers who look for a herb that can fight against insomnia,this is the one!.8 weeks time,harvested a high yields around 550gr for each plant..i put her in my lawn where there’s sunlight and airflow..she is a generous strain,know why??coz she is easy to cultivate,yet can create a heavy yields..with this strain, i was able to sleep well at night,eases muscle pain and take away all the negative thoughts. Morning smoke gives me energetic high and enhance creativity at work, at the same time i feel more relax and calm..users must try her satisfying citrus aroma mixed with spicy herbal flavor plus the lemon aftertaste that is lasting..nice one!good customer service..

  4. Avatar for M. Edwards

    M. Edwards

    so happy I decided to plant this strain,never disappoint me. I enjoy taking care this so easy and resistant to molds and diseases,now she grows into a medium sized plant in warm climate outdoor. I’m so glad did harvest a good yields,white dense buds with resin. rich smoke taste of herbal lemon, quite interesting taste. Lemon kush hit me both in mind and body. to start up my day i toke this,really energized my body to do chores at the same time keep me calm at home. I can always count on this strain!.more seeds next time..

  5. Avatar for John B.

    John B.

    I’m in search of the best lemon-flavored strain and I can say that this is added to my top 10 favorites. The smoke of this strain is also rich in sweet citrus aroma. It has an uplifting and a body calming effect, which is perfect for stress relief. I like that I can grow it inside due to its medium height and after 8 to 10 weeks I was able to harvest a good amount of yield.

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