LSD Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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LSD is an indica-leaning strain that is very potent and has an amazing display of aromas and flavors. It is your passport to a more energetic, euphoric, psychedelic, and focused day. Make sure to consume this moderately to avoid potent couch-locked effects. It is a strain for beginners with a short and bushy plant structure.

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More About LSD (fem):

Trippy and Strong

LSD is another good indica-dominant strain packed with strong potency and good aroma/flavor profile. As the child of Skunk #1 and Mazar Sharif, you can hope for a wonderful smoking experience right from the first time you use this strain. She is potent enough as she comes with a decent THC percentage that ranges from 14-19%.

When it comes to flavor and aroma, she exudes the combination of musky, nutty, earthy, and hashish notes that you will notice on her flowers. All these scents and flavors match her potency. For effects, she may make you feel more energetic, trippy, euphoric, mentally focused, and psychedelic. You may also experience a couchlock sensation, especially if you take a high dose.

LSD is easy to grow, so she is highly recommended even for the beginners. She is short and bushy. Also, she takes less time to bloom, which is another great reason why she deserves a spot in every cannabis garden.

9 reviews for LSD Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Arthur A.

    Arthur A.

    I grew this strain outdoor and sheltered it with a lot of sunshine and warmth. It was easy to grow, it produced heavy yields but I needed to monitor its buds during rainfall because it’s prone to mold. Its resistance to disease was high. it wasn’t a tall plant. it was intensely euphoric. it has a skunky-sweet aroma that will surely add to the pleasant smoking experience of this psychedelic hybrid. It tastes sweet and skunky with earthy after tone but also has a little citrus to it. It made me feel slightly parched that I’ve had a little cottonmouth and dries up the eyes made it a little itchy too. For those who suffer from chronic stress and fatigue just like me, go grab this now!

  2. Avatar for Adam M.

    Adam M.

    good service! item wellpacked and delivered all breeders check this out!.top seed with overwhelming experience..don’t worry novice growers can cultivate this in sunny climate,dry bliss to harvest a great yields. an ideal starter plant for those who aspires to have cannabis in their garden,for it is resistant to diseases and pests,also can cope up changes in all users,be eager to try her strong earthy scent,and the sweet taste that stays the tongue..during smoke,ride starts with high mental motivation that is enjoyable,more focus and creative ideas will just pop up..take moderate doses,be careful of her strong effect may cause anxiety..common side effects but manageable like dry mouth and eyes..more seeds to come!.

  3. Avatar for T. Hawkes

    T. Hawkes

    like a sleeping pill..troubles in sleeping?? plant yours now, she relaxes your body muscles until fall asleep. a strong strain that fights molds and plant diseases. She adapts to different environments,easy growing which produce a generous yields. If you can smell this,comes in mind is the deep spicy aroma,if smoke taste the earthy citrus with hint of a nuts. new smokers must be careful of its strong effect it gives a heavy body feeling, on the other hand it also upbeat you, good vibes best for morning use..High quality seed here…

  4. Avatar for Levar Cooper

    Levar Cooper

    Truly a trippy and psychedelic strain! Really lives up to its name. It’s my first time with this strain and I must say that the high was quite overwhelming and a bit extreme. I didn’t expect it would be that powerful. My body got numb and I just drifted into dreamland. It was quite an experience! Not a fan of its dank smell though. As for growing this, it was hassle-free all the way. I love that it’s short and can just stealth anywhere around the house. An added bonus would be that it’s tolerant of weather changes and resistant to pests and disease. Requires only simple maintenance and flowers quickly. Those who want something trippy, try this strain!

  5. Avatar for Sam Fair

    Sam Fair

    I love the powerful aroma and taste of this strain. The physical appearance of this strain is bushy and short but it still great to look at. The effects helps me focus and make me more energetic every time I use them. The high is extremely strong and this strain is very easy to grow! I love the overall of this strain!

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