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Monkey OG Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Strain Overview

Monkey OG feminized strain is fruity and powerful, with up to 26% THC levels. It is ideal for experienced users because of its steep THC that can cause couchlock effects when not properly dosed. You’ll find buds capable of developing lovely trichomes perfect for resin production for potent concentrates, oils, and edibles.

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More About Monkey OG Feminized

Harvest Friendly Cannabis

This feminized cannabis strain has United States roots, from OG Banana and the most loved, Banana Kush. It’s a delectable fruity feminized cannabis seed variant, which is Indica-dominant that provides a tropical tang and appealing 26 percent THC level. This hybrid is perfect for experienced users and a great choice for cannabis growers.

If you have mid-level cannabis gardening skills, you can cultivate this highly potent cannabis seeds without stress and back-breaking efforts. It has an amazing calyx to leaf ratio, making manicuring colas after harvesting a lot easier. Growers love the rich trichome production, which is highly recommended in concentrate extraction and making hash.

When it comes to its structure, the Monkey OG plant grows compact, possessing a true Indica beauty with its prolific lateral branching. The leaves are thick, which would require pruning for better light penetration and airflow. Also, it loves dry environments and provides up to 400 grams of yield.

7 reviews for Monkey OG Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for D. Green

    D. Green

    you love banana?.must try this banana flavored monkey do,one hit of this herb will make you climb going up to the tree lol just kidding!.seriously,she uplifts your mood with positive energy and day full of happiness..also this plant comforts me from depression and anxiety.Now, i’m more calm and relax..every single puff of her earthy tropical taste and smell is pleasing! place her in a warm environment with proper airflow to harvest good yields. after 8 weeks, it flowers and harvest about 450gr/plant grows a solid plant with sideways branching, an easy growing plant that everyone must have!..

  2. Avatar for I. Kogut

    I. Kogut

    It is one of the most powerful indica strains I have ever smoked. It sends waves of euphoria while submerging the body in a vast sea of relaxation. This is perfect for people with mid-level gardening skills who want to grow a highly potent strain. Not that easy to grow. yields were good, its buds were thick leaving its euphoric effect. its fruity banana like scent with a faint grassy undertone is loveable, It is good for depression and migraine. Its thick smoke can dries up the mouth causing paranoia so make sure to toke just enough! Must try!

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