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NY Diesel Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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The traditional Sativa cannabis strain, NY Diesel Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds is available exclusively in female form. As long as you can give a warm or sunny growth environment, you can grow this easily indoors or outdoors.

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Strain Profile Info

Type: Sativa
Parents: Jack Herer x NY Diesel
Flowering Time: 8-10 weeks
Climate: Temperate/Continental, Sunny/Mediterranean
Yield: 4-11 oz
Flavor: Citrus, Diesel. Lime
THC Level: 17-21%
CBD Level: 0.5%
Height: 71-87 inches
Harvest Period: November
Growing Difficulty: Moderate

A fantastic, adaptable variety that thrives practically anywhere is feminized NY Diesel. However, it is better grown outside to improve its flavor. Get your hands on the legendary NY Diesel Strain marijuana seeds from Crop King Seeds and enjoy free shipping on orders over 200$!

What is NY Diesel Strain?

For higher yields, indoor growing of NY Diesel Strain is advised. Much superior flavor than when grown outdoors, as a result. This is developed by crossing the Jack Herer and NY Diesel, both of which contain between 17 and 21 percent THC. Its delicious and sweet flavor and aroma make it an even better option for cannabis seeds. Its qualities make it the best choice for you. This is particularly true given that its moniker alluded to its New York City origins. To get a good flavor of it, get started straight away. Nevertheless, increasing it will first take your efforts.

Strain’s Flavor, Aroma & Appearance

It doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to realize that NY Diesel Strain has a potent diesel aroma—think kerosene or jet fuel. NY Diesel Strain contains a citrus and lime essence in addition to jet fuel, which helps to balance the palate. Anybody who smokes NY Diesel Strain experiences a sweet chocolate flavor that pairs well with the other citrus flavors. Anticipate a strong diesel odor with undertones of chocolate and lime and citrus. It could be difficult to estimate what the tastes and scents will be like, so try it out for yourself.

Growing Information of NY Diesel Strain

The hard growth of NY Diesel Strain is best handled by experienced growers because it is suited to them. By choosing feminized NY Diesel Strain seeds, you can very much guarantee that your seeds will develop into female plants that are prized for their large amounts of THC and lack of seeds. The female NY Diesel Strain prefers a warmer Mediterranean climate with constant humidity. Use natural soil when planting NY Diesel Strain feminized to improve the fragrance.

Another good organic choice is coco coir. While eliminating the lower sugar leaves allows the plant to concentrate its energy on developing larger colas, stopping during vegetative aids in promoting development in the canopy. One feature that attracts attention is the plant’s vivid green hue as it approaches blossoming. The plant needs a lot of food throughout its growth cycle as a result of Its Diesel being stretched and feminized. Although their limbs can be long, NY Diesel Strain are not always strong enough to sustain themselves. NY Diesel Strain can reach enormous heights when grown outdoors, but under the ideal conditions, she can also grow quite large indoors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a beginner grow NY Diesel from seeds?

The bad news is that NY Diesel feminized isn’t a variety that performs well for novice growers or even a great first-time grow. This is due to the demands of the plant. The good news is that NY Diesel feminized is a terrific option for the more seasoned grower if you can tolerate it. Who wouldn’t desire a plant that could reach a height of 13 feet? The maximum size is a crucial factor to take into account when growing NY Diesel feminized. If there isn’t enough room, cut the vegetation period short and maintain her in a smaller pot to keep the size under control.

Will NY Diesel Feminized Seeds grow better outdoors or indoors?

To get the most out of this plant, indoor NY Diesel feminized cultivation demands a certain level of expertise. Although this plant thrives both indoors and outdoors, it grows and yields at its greatest potential outside.

What is the NY Diesel Feminized Seeds flower time?

When grown outdoors, NY Diesel feminized should be harvested in late October or early November. Flowering takes 8-10 weeks indoors.

5 reviews for NY Diesel Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Fed Jones

    Fed Jones

    great seeds and fast shipping! beautiful strain to cultivate and easy as well. i have grown 9 out of 10 seeds,if you are a beginner give it a try..this cannabis enjoyed me with her pleasant smoke and uplifting effect. When i planted her outdoor with sufficient sunlight and airflow,gives me a great yields about 630gr/plant..Also,she is resilient to pests and molds what makes her an easy growing cannabis. Her high buzz motivates me to do better than yesterday and the positive vibes makes me happy all day away from worries and stress.Sometimes,after a tiring day i loss my appetite that is why a puff of this helps me not to skip meal. her satisfying taste and smell of citrus lemon with a hint of diesel offers a relaxing sensation..high quality seed!

  2. Avatar for Nyle Allore

    Nyle Allore

    This fruity and fuel-like strain has a very solid flavor that leaves a very unforgettable taste on the mouth. I’ve experienced quite an energetic, calming, and happy high after a hit of this weed. Also felt a creative and innovative buzz that really gets me going. I’m very impressed with its paranoia-free effects! It also helps me deal with my seasonal depression. Planted them in soil indoors and used the SOG technique to control its growth and harvested trichome-laden buds after just a short span of time. This strain’s really worth it!

  3. Avatar for D. Goddard

    D. Goddard

    I have chronic fatigue syndromethis but every time I toke this, It helps me think enjoyable thoughts and eases my migraine as well. The best bud ive had in a while. I grew it indoor, its yield was about to 400-500 g/m2. But It was not an easy plant, it requires a lot of maintenance and love. Also, it actually smells heavy astringent chem petrol skunky like. Toking this everyday!

  4. Avatar for Nich Moore

    Nich Moore

    the smell is enough to melt your body!.intense high makes me smile and day full of laughter. cultivate your own now! don’t missed the chance to feel that smooth buzz for hours that will make you alert and positive vibes comes along. ooops! its effect last long until you feel relax and have peace of mind.. appetite loss??no problem,this strain definitely will help you to become a tiger lol eager to eat. NY Diesel loves warm places with ventilation. buds are green with ruby colored hairs,cottony and aromatic. a little effort needed to grow this well, to harvest a great yields,proper nutrition is needed. every hit of her sweet fruity aroma and taste brings you to the utmost relaxation.. Try now!..

  5. Avatar for Charles Cox

    Charles Cox

    I decided to divide my seeds into 2, I planted the 1st batch of my seeds inside and the other batch is outside, the seeds can do great to both different environments, it’s a very easy growing strain! Its aroma and taste is very sweet. The effects are also very therapeutic perfect for all my body pain. And the hairy icy resin of this strain looks good on it. I like this strain so much!

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