Original Lemon Pie Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Strain Overview

Original Lemon Pie is a strain if you want to feel energized and euphoric. It is the best smoke if you want to get more things done during the day. You’ll love its sweet, lemony and citrus flavors highlighted by diesel and spice. You can use this to deal with pain, stress, and anxiety.

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More About Original Lemon Pie (fem)

Makes You Feel Euphoric and Energized

This Original Lemon Pie (fem) is known to produce dense buds in their orange hairs. This is the right choice of strain that can bust out when wanting to feel euphoric and energized. This enables you to remain engaged and productive when doing some daily activities.

Its THC level is between 18 to 22 percent, while its CBD range is zero to one percent. It takes up about eight to ten weeks for it to flower completely. Their lemony citrus and sweet flavors are just so great highlighted by a hint of spice and diesel.

The impediments of Original Lemon Pie feminized seed can include dry eyes, dry mouth, headache, and paranoia. Its physical characteristics as it grows to include being a tall plant producing sage green. It blooms flowers into such a lemon scent having abundant burnt-orange pistils and trichomes. The climate that it requires is a consistent sunny and warm day. All these are essential information available about this strain.

7 reviews for Original Lemon Pie Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for M. Helton

    M. Helton

    high quality seed! arrived early than expected,so i decided to plant it outdoor. flowering time will take 8-10 weeks before harvest. this is highly resistant to molds and pests and so easy to cultivate.also, she has a heavy sticky buds with golden pistils. she will not disappoint you with her huge yields. just water her consistently for it to grow healthy. she shines and survives in warm spot where there’s sunlight..its main scent like a nutty spicy herbal that lingers the tongue,the smell of diesel is added. once feel that smoke there is a sweet lemon aftertaste. this brings high energy to users,good thing in social get-togethers.i become more talkative and motivated.But do note,high doses may cause headache and dizziness. Nowadays,many are hurt from depression,this strain eases worries and fears with a single puff.

  2. Avatar for A. Dow

    A. Dow

    WOW!..before, name itself makes me interested to include her on my list and cultivate it in my garden. so I give it a try and with the assistance of customer service I was able to buy. with her name, I imagined sour yet sweet taste, indeed it is. surely, the pastry lover will like this and make them crave more. she is a joy to many growers, a medium sized plant highly resistant to diseases and molds which makes her an easy to grow one. It has a solid branches that can hold its thick sticky buds with plenty of golden pistils. 8 weeks time, she pays back with a high quality yields.. make her shine in the nature with sunlight where she will flourish. Lemon Pie deserves a trophy for its nutty spicy scent with a hint of diesel, blend of sweet sour lemon smoke that touches the taste buds boom like a fireworks. active lifestyle? jog and run this is for you, keep you hype for hours. take 1-2 hit, it brings a joyful high with a buzz of delight and timid souls no more, you’ll go for a deep conversation in social gatherings. excessive use may cause common but mild effects such as dry mouth and bloodshot eyes..try it for you to know! the best.

  3. Avatar for Marsh


    This strain is an artist’s best friend! This one was perfectly simple to grow indoors and you could see in its thick stature and branches how robust it is. I love its orangey look, the sour lemon scent, and its massive harvest. But what makes this strain shine for me is how it opens up doors of inspiration. As a graphic designer, this sweet and sour strain is my go-to whenever creative juices run dry. I can’t count the number of times this got my back and to think I still have loads of it in my stash. So you better not miss this out!

  4. Avatar for Matt M.

    Matt M.

    I’m not much into lemony and citrusy strains but I got to give this a thumbs up. It is a great yielder and a sturdy plant. I grew it outdoors where it can get enough sunlight and space to grow as this plant grows tall. Anyway, this strain kept me active and engaged, I was so productive after smoking this. Highly recommended.

  5. Avatar for Tony Johnson

    Tony Johnson

    I love the energizing and euphoric effects of this strain! The outer looks are very nice because of its orange hair and thick buds. This strain is not that easy to grow because it requires a specific climate but still offers a decent amount of yields. The aroma and taste is very sweet and citrusy. I would definitely order again!

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