Original Lemon Pie Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Sativa-dominant Original Lemon Pie Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds provide exceptional yields and a top THC level of 22%. Just 70 to 100 cm tall, it can yield up to 500 grams per square meter outdoors and up to 600 grams per plant when grown indoors.

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Strain Profile Info

Type: Sativa
Parents: Amnesia Haze x Skunk#1 x Unknown
Flowering Time: 8-10 weeks
Climate: Sunny
Yield: 500-600 g
Flavor: Leom, Pepper, Diesel
THC Level: 22%
CBD Level: 0%
Height: 70-100 cm.
Harvest Period: October
Growing Difficulty: Easy

Lemon, peppery, and diesel flavors all combine in this. For it to fully flower, eight to ten weeks are needed. Planting the feminized seeds outside under the dazzling summer sky should be a top priority because this delightful surprise will require enough sunshine when it matures. Get your hands on the legendary Original Lemon Pie strain marijuana seeds from Crop King Seeds and enjoy free shipping on orders over 200$!

What is Original Lemon Pie Strain?

Skunk #1, Amnesia Haze, and an unidentified, secret hybrid came together to create the Original Lemon Pie Strain feminized seeds. The outcome is a 70:30 Sativa-dominant combination with a pie-like flavor. One of the Original Lemon Pie breeding strains was Skunk #1. Those three landraces are combined in the 65:35 Indica-dominant strain. With a rate of 99%, feminized Original Lemon Pie Strain seeds develop into female plants. These plants are prized for the copious, massive, trichome-rich buds that they produce. The tremendous amount that these little plants produce puts their stifled branches to the test. The blossoms produced by male crops are different. They are only necessary for reproduction and pollinating the females who lay the seeds. To prevent ruining their harvest, producers must sex and remove males when pre-flowers form. Feminized seeds avoid the need for this procedure, saving time, energy, and nutrients.

Strain’s Flavor, Aroma & Appearance

Original Lemon Pie Strain feminized seeds produce a crop that is sweet and sour, just like the baked good Snoop is said to have named it after. The crop and smoke both have a strong lemony citrus flavor. The inherited skunky stinkiness is dank and boasts a dizzying array of flavors and scents. Citrus, earth, pine, and mint combine with the ineluctable notes of citrus in the nose. Lemon and sweet, sweet and spicy, and other flavors are all present. This bud has a lot of pistils and trichomes that are burned orange.

Growing Information of Original Lemon Pie Strain

The good news is that Original Lemon Pie Strain feminized seeds are easy to grow and that even novices can successfully try this variety. Even better: When cultivating these expertly crafted cannabis seeds, growers can anticipate extraordinarily rich yields. With enormous, thick, pungent colas that weigh 17.5–21 ounces per square meter indoors, this strain has you covered on both counts. In ideal circumstances, farmers can harvest a whopping 28 ounces per plant outside. Despite the fact that Lemon Pie is a Sativa-dominant strain, the plant and its development pattern are Indica-like. They make ideal candidates for indoor growing because it is shockingly short, scarcely clearing three feet. Yet, it is necessary that the branches be sturdy.

Feminized Original Lemon Pie Strain seeds require up to 8–10 weeks of flowering time indoors before they begin to bear a bountiful crop. By the middle of October, these plants are covered in glittering buds and are ready to be harvested outside (or prior to the first frost). Indoor growth conditions for Original Lemon Pie Strain feminized seeds are a temperature of 71 to 79 degrees Fahrenheit and a relative humidity of 40 to 50 percent. These plants are robust and hardy, and they take the inexperienced mistakes with stride. Insects, mold, and diseases cannot harm them. This type thrives in soil that has an abundance of additional nutrients, which will enhance the flavor of the pie.

Do some basic maintenance, such as light pruning, regulating the temperature and humidity, and adjusting the pH of the medium and the fertilizers you supply. There aren’t many other tasks than watering. Several growers believe that Original Lemon Pie Strain feminized seeds are perfect for a hydroponic system, in which the water delivers nutrients to the roots. The cost to install hydro is high, but the results speak for themselves. Growers are spared the unnecessary sexing and picking out of males because these seeds are feminized. Use the time to improve your growing conditions and media.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a beginner grow Original Lemon Pie Feminized Seeds?

Absolutely! This strain only needs rudimentary knowledge and assistance. It is also immune to infection and insect infestation. The little bushes are perfect for growing indoors, but they can also produce abundant harvests outside under the correct circumstances. Give your Lemon Pie feminized seeds the greatest start to life by following our step-by-step germination procedure.

What is the Original Lemon Pie Feminized flower time?

This strain requires a little more time to develop more substantial and dense colas. Because of this, feminized Original Lemon Pie seeds require between 8 to 10 weeks to flower indoors. Depending on the environment where you live, buds begin to grow outside about mid-October. Do not procrastinate; gather your crop before the first frost.

How long do Original Lemon Pie Feminized Seeds take to germinate?

Your Original Lemon Pie feminized seeds should germinate if you follow our germination instructions between 24 and 120 hours (one to five days). Your cannabis seeds should be thrown away if they haven’t developed a white taproot by then since they are no longer viable. Some marijuana seeds have poor genetics, have been improperly stored, are too old, or have been improperly handled during storage. Ordering yours from a reliable supplier can help you avoid these issues.

7 reviews for Original Lemon Pie Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for D. Eckert

    D. Eckert

    This is the go-to strain for me! I’ve been looking to have a strain to spice up my day! And surprisingly, after two to three puffs, it immediately delivers an energizing buzz throughout my body. It helps me with fatigue. And I love its sweet citric oranges flavor and scent! However, this strain can sometimes make me dizzy and paranoid when used in high doses so best to smoke moderately to avoid adverse reactions. this was easy to grow. I used the SOG method, it was resistant to mold, absolutely sturdy. high yields! Totally perfect! 100% recommended.

  2. Avatar for M. Helton

    M. Helton

    high quality seed! arrived early than expected,so i decided to plant it outdoor. flowering time will take 8-10 weeks before harvest. this is highly resistant to molds and pests and so easy to cultivate.also, she has a heavy sticky buds with golden pistils. she will not disappoint you with her huge yields. just water her consistently for it to grow healthy. she shines and survives in warm spot where there’s sunlight..its main scent like a nutty spicy herbal that lingers the tongue,the smell of diesel is added. once feel that smoke there is a sweet lemon aftertaste. this brings high energy to users,good thing in social get-togethers.i become more talkative and motivated.But do note,high doses may cause headache and dizziness. Nowadays,many are hurt from depression,this strain eases worries and fears with a single puff.

  3. Avatar for Marsh


    This strain is an artist’s best friend! This one was perfectly simple to grow indoors and you could see in its thick stature and branches how robust it is. I love its orangey look, the sour lemon scent, and its massive harvest. But what makes this strain shine for me is how it opens up doors of inspiration. As a graphic designer, this sweet and sour strain is my go-to whenever creative juices run dry. I can’t count the number of times this got my back and to think I still have loads of it in my stash. So you better not miss this out!

  4. Avatar for Matt M.

    Matt M.

    I’m not much into lemony and citrusy strains but I got to give this a thumbs up. It is a great yielder and a sturdy plant. I grew it outdoors where it can get enough sunlight and space to grow as this plant grows tall. Anyway, this strain kept me active and engaged, I was so productive after smoking this. Highly recommended.

  5. Avatar for Tony Johnson

    Tony Johnson

    I love the energizing and euphoric effects of this strain! The outer looks are very nice because of its orange hair and thick buds. This strain is not that easy to grow because it requires a specific climate but still offers a decent amount of yields. The aroma and taste is very sweet and citrusy. I would definitely order again!

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