Purple Thai Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Purple Thai is a classic sativa and descends from notable noble strains. It comes with greenish-brown buds with lovely purple and red ends. Each bud is coated with resin, which you can use to make concentrates, tinctures, and oils. It is not a beginner strain, and it needs a lot of space to grow.

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More About Purple Thai (fem)

Coming from the Oldest Landrace of Sativa

This Purple Thai (fem) is just as impressive as it comes from the oldest landrace of Sativa. This is as can be located in Thailand. This is great for inducing euphoria and intense high. It makes its promise of deep introspection. This is the strain that is the descendant of Highland Oaxacan Gold and Chocolate Thai.

This is so far prominent in the U.S after the marines have passed through the country of Thailand coming from Vietnam. This strain also shares the same remarkable similarities with the Colombian Gold. It is just that it does not highlight the same coloration.

This creates out greenish and brownish buds that come with red and purple tips. This bolsters its beautiful colors of the Chocolate Thai. This greatly influenced its substantial trichome production.

In the cultivation of the plant, it demands a skill level and degree of experience. This also demands a lot of vertical space when grown indoors. This also becomes a tall plant that can range from one-hundred-sixty to two-hundred-fifty centimeters. This is grown outdoors, reaching up about 400-centimeters.

1 review for Purple Thai Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Joy


    I am glad my patience was being tested because of this strain. This is not just affecting my physical body but my character as well. I am glad CK decided to include this on the list of what you are selling online. Wohoo!

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