Sativa Star Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Sativa Star is a feminized strain for advanced growers, great for outdoor and indoor settings. Its tall plant height makes it ideal for outdoor gardens and indoor grows with plenty of head height, and with enough space will provide a very high yield. As the name implies, Sativa Star will provide a long-lasting sativa effect with a cerebral high and is great for reducing stress and anxiety.

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More About Sativa Star Feminized Marijuana

Sativa Star feminized marijuana is almost completely Sativa, at 90%. It has quite a long flowering time, reaching up to 14 weeks, but you can expect bountiful yields at harvest time. The yield can reach up to 350 grams indoors, and 600 grams when grown outdoors. Whether you grow indoors or out, this plant requires lots of head height to get the maximum yield. These plants exhibit tall, thin, and narrow leaves, with a lighter shade of green compared to their indica counterparts.

The THC content of Sativa Star can reach up to 22.60% but does not have overwhelming psychedelic effects. Instead, this strain does what great Sativa is meant to do, making the consumer feel more creative, energetic, and provides a big boost in mood. A great strain to diminishing depression and anxiety, one puff of this will have you reaching for your guitar or starting a conversation with a stranger. If you’re looking for the ultimate Sativa, look no further than Sativa Star.

35 reviews for Sativa Star Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for James Huges

    James Huges

    Waited before harvesting the buds for quite a time, so it’s all worth it. I was super excited about the abundant crop. Surely, the Sativa Star is a star for its effects. I smoke this strain anytime I have a creative block, and that just helps me get my creative juices going again. It also allows me to relax because I am just anxious and to comfort my mind.

  2. Avatar for Andy Brighton

    Andy Brighton

    I was having very high hopes for these marijuana seeds and they germinated with no problem at all! Got fine plants out of the 8 seeds I tested with. They all grew within 12 to 13 weeks after vegging. You’re going to have to keep these away from wet places too, don’t forget! Taste and smell were very pungent and delightful! Full of creaminess in the thick smoke. Name gives away the high, super energizing and euphoric! A joint of this keeps me up for long hours! Great strain here!

  3. Avatar for Getsome


    First time grow n right now it’s only been a week n I growing like crazy. I am nervous about the grow lvl but for right now I think they’ll be just fine in my hands

  4. Avatar for Holley Bridges

    Holley Bridges

    Pretty hard to pull off Sativa Star but i got it! Not the easiest grow, I had to tweak the lighting and spacings of my 5x5x5 grow garden. Thanks to CKS, I was able to germinate them decently. Very healthy and potent seeds, never got any sort of scratch or crack from shipping! I’ve always trusted CKS to provide my weed seeds. They never disappoint! Thank you!

  5. Avatar for Aaron John

    Aaron John

    Just bought 10 seeds here on CKS and all seeds were germinated in just a couple of days. This strain produces a very pleasing yields though the flowering time was quite long. Sativa Star fem helps me a lot with my anxiety and night perfect strain for me.

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