Somango Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Strain Overview

Somango is a very fruity strain, a product of three flavorful and very potent strains. It has a very sweet taste that’s indica dominant ideal for improving moods, relieving stress, and anxiety and can help conquer insomnia. When all its growing needs are met, you can expect high yields at the soonest time.

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More About Somango

A Fruity Taste Hybrid That is So Flavorful

This is an Indica-dominant hybrid that is the result of Jack Herer, Big Skunk Korean, and the Super Skunk. This formation of different genetics develops not only various strain profile, but it is also a very flavorful terpene. The Somango is known for having a super sweet with a fruity taste. Even it has mostly Indica, and its high has a great mood-increasing quality that provides a relaxing feeling effect.

Growing it indoors can do well in a Sea of Green set up. It can produce for around 200 to 300 grams of buds per square meter within the flowering period of 9 to 10 weeks. While growing it outdoor, it is better it places it in a spot where it can get the right amount of sunshine. You may expect to have a yield of as much as 3oo grams of buds each plant when you harvest it during the month of October.

6 reviews for Somango Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for L. Barnes

    L. Barnes

    i loved the sweet tropical mango taste blend with vanilla hint,kinda strong earthy aroma so fascinating! new breeders prefer an easy growing plant but gives a high yields,so this is the one you’re looking for..Around October 8 weeks of nurturing,i harvest 300gr for each plant outdoor where flowers bloom beautifully under sunshine..I tell you,she is a good strain to start with amazing effects..i start my day with a morning smoke of this herb,a happy pill at the same time a relaxing buddy..with this I become more creative and focus to achieve my goals..more and more seeds next time!

  2. Avatar for L. Myers

    L. Myers

    my fave plant for years!. I always buy seeds quality with a good price.Out of 10 seeds only 8 sprouted. it takes 9 to 10 weeks to flower which is a great yielder that provides a pleasurable super sweet buds about 300g each plant..plants grow long,purple leaves with resin makes her desirable by many growers..when smoked you will be speechless with her delicious fresh fruity mango taste and sweet vanilla earthy scent, you’ll go for more!.the fact that it’s an indica variety,it brings happy energy and makes me smile. that magical smoke, motivates me and clear my mind..before you’ll sleep,eat first coz she will wake you up hungry..dry eyes and mouth are expected,drink plenty of water..highly recommended!

  3. Avatar for J. Ramaciotti

    J. Ramaciotti

    I can feel relaxed when smoking this flower, and it will make me feel a little tempted to sink into the couch and enjoy its high!. Its earthy and fruity smell is noticeable and the taste is like a sweet mango that you’ll gonna fall in love with! This strain is tall that has a flowering time indoor for about 9-10 weeks and its an easy grow!!!

  4. Avatar for K. Ifould

    K. Ifould

    Been using this SOMANGO or SOMA#5 for how many years now and I can say that, it feels GREAT! Lovin its mango tropical sweet taste and smell. It ease pain and stress but It dries up your mouth and eyes which causes dizziness. Grown this strain outdoor since it’s a tall plant and is quick and easy so I’m sure you’ll gonna love it as well.

  5. Avatar for Barbara


    A surprising strain that offers a relaxing tropical experience! Cultivating the seeds of this strain was easy and it even grew pretty tall for an Indica. But what surprises me was the huuuge and heavy yields the plants produced. I can’t help but giggle at my stash that will take quite a while to finish. Also, the smoke was soooo relaxingly good and clears all the stress away. Perfect after a stressful day at work. I demand you to give this one a try!

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