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Sugar Black Rose Feminized Marijuana Seeds

(3 customer reviews)

Strain Overview

Sugar Black Rose in feminized version is a very powerful indica strain with a sweet, fruity, and powerful high. It will give you a happy, relaxing effect that will help remove stress, anxiety, depression, and all kinds of pain. It is also easy to cultivate and will give you good yields as long as you consider its growing needs.

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More About Sugar Black Rose Feminized

Sleep Well At Night

The combination of Critical Mass and Black Domina resulted in a powerful Indica dominant strain known as Sugar Black Rose. This sweet, fruity-tasting strain instills a euphoric high that elevates the person in a state of bliss. The powerful high is due to its 18% THC content that should be enough to render you drowsy by the end of the session. The happy relaxing vibe should last for quite some time before it slowly melts your body away into a state of lethargy.

Sleep is an important activity in life, and it is one of Sugar Black Rose’s goals to make sure you are getting enough sleep. Due to its powerful relaxing qualities, insomnia is averted, and high-quality sleep is achieved. Users are advised to smoke this weed in the evening to fully attain all of its effects, both recreational and medical.

Due to its Indica roots, this strain should be easy to grow. The feminized seeds should make it even simpler to cultivate. The great outdoors should be the most viable environment for it to flourish.

3 reviews for Sugar Black Rose Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Clint


    my favorite grow is SBR this is so easy i got mine from a clone it grew better then my pruple kush now im glad to see this here ill be buying a pack soon.

  2. Avatar for Jonesy


    Great stuff. Grew nice outdoor, and grows very happy indoor. Very nice trichome production, very frosty at finish. She handles cloning very well too, as I hacked lots of clones off the mother and she barely noticed, continued growing strong without any shock. Clones are fast rooting and come in healthy. I grew her outdoor in far northeast US, very north! It gets too cold too quick here to run lengthy strains, I lean towards indica dominant strains for this reason (and due to personal preference), but she finished in good time and with solid yeilds. She maxed out around 5ft tall, and bushy (when topped). Tastes good, smells good, overall a nice hardy girl with a good bit to offer when grown properly. I have included her in several runs and would not hesitate to run her again. I have not yet been disappointed with the genetics from crop king, and have run at least 7 of their strains so far. Hope this is helpful. 🤙😎

  3. Avatar for Michael


    Great cultivar, easy to grow and is one of the tastiest I’ve enjoyed. (which is in the hundreds.)This will definitely hold a place in my garden through perputuity. My only regret is i can’t give it six stars.

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