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Sweet Island Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Strain Overview

Sweet Island feminized variety is an energetic and very happy strain that will help you loosen up, make you feel more confident during social interactions. It is a wonderful, relaxing strain, something that you would love to taste over and over again. Despite its uplifting effect, you won’t experience a couch-lock effect.

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More About Sweet Island Feminized

A Tasty Grapefruit Sensation

Sweet Island is a Sativa leaning plant that delivers an energetic and happy kick to its effects. This strain is highly advised for those who are about to go to a social gathering and would want to interact. This happy weed is great at getting you relaxed. The grapefruit flavor helps with making the weed taste even better. The effects might take a while to be noticeable; hence it is best to start toking this weed before you even go out. Once it starts, it continuously releases happy vibes. The mellow uplifting high is pleasant and does not have any couch-lock effect.

The 19% THC content is not enough to overwhelm beginners, but it is a good start for those who are after the medical benefits. A viable treatment for pain and anxiety, Sweet Island provides a sense of tranquility to its smoker. If you are inspired to grow this weed in your backyard, it is best to keep it indoors where you can control the environment.

1 review for Sweet Island Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Brittney


    Because of this, I am very confident to face the community. I don’t mind how they see it but for me, I am happy with the result that this item gave me. Thumbs up, CK!

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