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    Tokyo OG Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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    Shop with confidence! We offer secure payment options including Bitcoin, Credit Cards, and even Cash. Your financial data is safe and your choices are varied. Your security is our priority.

    (2 customer reviews)

    28 Packs Overall Sold

    Experience the power of Tokyo OG Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds, an Indica-dominant hybrid that will take your cannabis journey to new heights.

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    Table Header
    OG Kush
    THC Level
    CBD Level
    CBG Level
    Category Type
    Indica Dominant Hybrid
    Growing Level
    Flowering Time
    8-10 weeks
    Indoor Height
    Small (0-4 FT)
    Outdoor Height
    Small (0-4 FT)
    Harvest Time
    early October
    Indoor Yields
    Outdoor Yields
    Taste and Smell
    Diesel, Earthy, Lemon, Pine
    Bisabolol, Caryophyllene, Limonene, Myrcene, Terpinolene

    Derived from the legendary OG Kush, this strain delivers a THC content of 21-24%, providing a potent and uplifting experience. Tokyo OG offers potential therapeutic benefits with a 0.2-0.5% CBD content. This strain is a captivating Indica-dominant hybrid that offers a powerful high and a sense of tranquility. Its moderate CBD content makes it ideal for recreational use and relieves stress and anxiety. Growing Tokyo OG Strain cultivation is a moderate work ideal for individuals looking for a rewarding experience. With a flowering period of 8 to 10 weeks, you’ll be rewarded with robust buds embodying this great strain’s essence. Discover the allure of Tokyo OG Strain today by getting your seeds from Crop King Seeds, one of the best cannabis seed banks in the industry. Crop King Seeds will ensure you have everything you need to grow this excellent strain. Take advantage of our free shipping offer on orders above $200 and easy payment options.

    What is Tokyo OG Strain?

    In contrast to what its name implies, Tokyo OG is a hybrid cannabis strain with a strong Indica component. Tokyo OG Strain is an Indica-dominant that will leave a lasting impression. This strain is a descendant of the legendary OG Kush, known for its exceptional qualities and wide recognition in the cannabis community. Blending the genetics of OG Kush, Tokyo OG exhibits a remarkable balance of indica and sativa traits, with 80% Indica and 20% Sativa composition. The Indica dominance produces a profound sense of tranquility and relaxation, making it the perfect option for people looking for peace and stress reduction. With its THC levels ranging from 21% to 24%, this strain is not lightweight when it comes to potency, ensuring a satisfying and profound effect for enthusiasts seeking relaxation and euphoria. The CBD content in Tokyo OG hovers between 0.2% to 0.5%, providing a subtle touch of balance to its robust THC potency. The harmonious blend of Bisabolol, Mycerene, Caryophyllene, Terpinolene, and Limonene terpenes adds a delightful twist to its already appealing profile.

    Strain’s Effect

    Tokyo OG Strain has much to offer, whether you’re seeking relaxation, stress relief, or a creative boost. Its Indica-dominant nature promotes a calming and soothing experience, making it an excellent choice for unwinding after a long day. The high THC content ensures a potent and enjoyable journey. Once you indulge in Tokyo OG, you’ll be greeted with a wave of happiness and giggles as the strain takes you on a journey of lighthearted euphoria. Your conversations will flow effortlessly, and you’ll feel more open and friendly than ever. Relaxation will give you a gentle hug as the encounter progresses, melting away any tensions and concerns. Tokyo OG’s calming and calming effects produce a serene environment that makes for a restful night’s sleep. This strain creates a euphoric state that improves your attitude and emotions. You experience a wave of joy that leaves you with improved well-being. Whether you’re sharing laughter with friends or simply seeking to unwind and disconnect from the daily hustle, Tokyo OG Strain has something to offer for every occasion. Its perfect balance of effects ensures a harmonious experience that keeps enthusiasts returning for more.

    Strain’s Flavor, Aroma & Appearance

    Prepare yourself for a sensory journey as you savor the complex flavors and admire the visually appealing buds of this strain! Tokyo OG Strain emits a unique combination of earthy undertones, citrus, diesel, and pine. This wonderful blend delivers an energizing and reviving sensory experience. The earthy pine and zesty lemon offer a pleasant and uplifting twist, while the diesel undertones add a hint of intensity. This strain has eye-catching lime green buds that are eye-catching in appearance. Bright orange hairs that match these blooms offer a bit of contrast to the entire design. Lime green and flaming orange work together to produce a stunning visual feast.

    Growing Information

    Get ready to embark on a journey to Tokyo with the Tokyo OG Strain Marijuana Seeds! This strain is known for its incredible effects and ease of cultivation, making it a great choice for beginner and experienced growers. Growing Tokyo OG Strain is a breeze, thanks to its easy-to-grow nature. This strain loves warmth and sunshine. Providing your plants a warm and sunny environment will contribute to their healthy development. Utilize the sun’s energy to create a caring environment for your Tokyo OG plants. Within 8 to 10 weeks, you can witness this strain flourishing into beautiful buds that will leave you in awe.

    To ensure optimal growth, proper ventilation is essential. Adequate airflow will help prevent mold and mildew, allowing your plants to thrive. This strain is suited for indoor growing where more room may be needed because it stays compact and grows up to 4 feet tall. Alternatively, you can grow it outside and benefit from the environment’s natural resources for the best results. The harvest period for Tokyo OG falls in early October, signaling the time to reap the rewards of your efforts. Outdoor growers can anticipate a yield of around 450 grams per plant, while indoor growers can achieve approximately 360 grams per square meter.

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    Frequency Ask Questions

    Is Tokyo OG Strain easy to grow?

    Growing Tokyo OG Strain Marijuana Seeds is a delightful and straightforward experience. Its easy-to-grow nature, proper ventilation, and warm, sunny environment set the stage for successful cultivation.
    Embrace the laid-back and talkative vibe of Tokyo OG Strain, and let it guide you to blissful relaxation. With its flavorful profile and calming properties, this strain is bound to become a favorite in your cannabis collection.
    Tokyo OG is known for its strong and well-balanced effects. It typically induces a relaxing body high accompanied by euphoria and a sense of mental clarity. Users often report feeling uplifted and happy while experiencing gentle physical relaxation.

    2 reviews for Tokyo OG Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds

    1. Avatar for CLara


      This thing was amazing! It totally boosted my energy levels. I was feeling super weak before I decided to give it a shot. And guess what? My headache disappeared too. Awesome, CK!

    2. Avatar for Cris


      The choice and caliber of the seeds completely amazed me. Shipping was quick and discreet. Definitely, I’ll be a return customer.

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