Blue Dream Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Strain Overview

Taste the dream marijuana strain in Blue Dream feminized version. It is a recreational and a medicinal strain as it is an excellent relaxing strain. You’ll feel euphoric, relaxed, and ready to take a peaceful sleep right after you consume this strain. It may also be used during the day to enhance confidence and to keep you sociable and motivated.

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More About Blue Dream (fem)

An All-time Favorite

Blue Dream is one of the most popular cannabis strains used by both recreational and medicinal users. She became popular for so many reasons. Apart from being unique, she is known for her incredible potency, effect, and therapeutic value.

Her effect is a combination of indica and sativa effects. Many users experience a quick onset of the light mental stimulation that will transform into a strong and deep total relaxation. Despite this, she can be your ideal daytime strain as she gets you high but leaves you functional enough. So, you can be productive, motivated, and sociable after taking your last toke. The effect is accompanied by the subtle notes of pine, herbal, and grassy scents for both aroma and flavor.

Blue Dream thrives in both indoor and outdoor environments. However, she can grow taller when grown outdoors. More importantly, she can yield more than you might be expecting. Cultivating her is so rewarding.

2 reviews for Blue Dream Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for TeaBee


    Nice healthy plants, was topped a few times and heavily defoliated and it hardly slowed these down, if at all. Pretty good yeild also. The 2 I’ve grown so far look like completely different strains though, ones a dark green/purple and foxtaily the other is bright green and round buds.

  2. Avatar for Derek Streiler

    Derek Streiler

    It was a good fast-growing Hardy plant that put on plenty of weight good quality thumbs up for me and I had two runs of it and both of them came out great

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