M8 Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Strain Overview

M8 is a very potent sativa-dominant strain with very high, skyrocketing THC from 20 to 30%. Such strength and potency may be too much for a first time user, so exercise caution if you’re new to taking cannabis. And in the garden, M8 needs a lot of room considering its sativa lineage.

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5 Seeds Pack


10 Seeds Pack


25 Seeds Pack


Additional Information

More About M8 (fem)

A Potent Sativa Smoke

M8 is a highly potent sativa strain that goes with a decent THC percentage. With 20- 30% THC, you can expect all the best things of a great high-THC cannabis strain. This makes her suitable for the adventurous smokers out there.

Despite her unknown origin, her potency is already a good reason to make her a must-try. She belongs to rare high-THC cannabis strains. Her psychoactive strength is just enough to keep you glued to the sofa for hours. Her excellent THC content allows her to give an extraordinary psychoactive buzz and mental stimulation that you need.

Since she is a sativa strain, she tends to stretch horizontally as she grows. However, she surprisingly grows into a medium-sized plant. Finding the perfect for her is too easy. You can grow her indoors, considering her stature. You can also grow her outdoors. She is not a picky lady, so you have no reason to hesitate to add her to your garden.


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