Oregon Underdawg Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Strain Overview

Oregon Underdawg is a strain with a heavy high and strong couch-lock effects. Take this strain moderately for a quick energy boost, euphoria, and mental focus. You will fall in love with its sweet, earthy, and herbal flavors that will remain in your senses longer. And of course, it’s easy to grow as long as you prune it regularly.

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25 Seeds Pack


Additional Information

More About Oregon Underdawg (fem)

Propels You To Soaring Heights of Invigoration and Euphoria

The Oregon Underdawg (fem) is a notable strain that induces a heavy-handed and couch lock. This brings out its effects of focus, euphoria, energy boost, mood lift, and relaxation. It also stays true to its sweet, herbal, and earthy aroma and flavor that make it more ideal for you.

Nevertheless, it also comes with impediments of dry eyes and dry mouth. Its CBD range is 0.7 %, while its THC range is about 22 to 25 % level. Its physical characteristics highly emphasized are the forest-green type of fan leaves protruding from big buds next to sticky trichomes and white-sage and green pistils.

This strain only needs to be pruned regularly for the prevention of mold and overgrowth. This best response to hydroponics that makes you more like it. The lighting required is between eighteen to twenty hours every day. Its height can reach up to about ninety-centimeters. When once grown outdoors, this becomes perfect in the sunny and warm climate.


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