Strawberry Kush Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Strain Overview

Strawberry Kush Feminized variety is an indica –leaning strain made by combining two formidable strains. It is a recreational weed as it can energize and make you focus. It’s a medicinal strain that will take care of pain, insomnia, stress, anxiety, and poor appetite. It is also earthy and sweet plus easy to grow.

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Additional Information

More About Strawberry Kush Feminized 

The Sweet Mix of Herbal and Earthy Goodness

Strawberry Kush is an Indica dominant strain made by crossing Strawberry Cough with the legendary OG Kush. Boasting THC levels of up to 20%, this feminized version of the original strain is used as medical marijuana to relieve different mental disorders such as depression and anxiety. It is also an effective tool against insomnia and stress. This is because of its potent calming properties that are often the result of hours and hours of toking this weed.

The strain’s energetic and euphoric effects are long-lasting, making it a great early evening strain to smoke. It is highly advised to consume this strain right after dinner as you try to relax. This Indica leaning strain is great cannabis to induce interesting conversation as you unwind.

An earthy and sweet-tasting strain, Strawberry Kush prospers in a cool sunny outdoor climate. This feminized version assures its grower that all plants can develop buds that can be harvested.


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