Wedding Cake Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Strain Overview

Wedding Cake feminized strain is a brightly-colored strain with a delicious, sweet flavor. It is loaded with high THC content and has amazing potent effects and blissful high. It is a strain that will make your body heavier until you succumb to a powerful need to sleep. It can relieve pain, anxiety, stress, and insomnia.

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10 Seeds Pack


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Additional Information

More About Wedding Cake Feminized 

The Tasty Treat You’ve Been Waiting For

When you think of wedding cake, you imagine brightly colored frosting and mouth-watering goodness overloaded with sweetness. The same goes for Wedding Cake. This feminized version of the Indica dominant strain offers a lot of THC and even more potent effects that one could imagine. Think of having sugar overload as you begin to feel fully loaded with the sugar, except for this time, it’s THC, and you start to feel blissfully high. As with any sugary treat, you also become happier and giggly as well as relaxed and calm. You feel things are always better; however, as your energy levels drop, your body also begins to feel heavier, and you start to feel sleepy.

Overindulgence is key to Wedding Cake as you should be taking advantage of its medical benefits. Just like your dessert, this tasty treat helps uplift your mood and make you feel lighter inside. Users begin to feel less pain and gain weight as the hunger pangs are quite strong with this strain.

Growing this weed also takes a bit more time; however, it promises to produce high-quality buds and good amounts of yield. Best suited to be grown in warmer and drier climates, this strain does well in almost any environment.

2 reviews for Wedding Cake Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Lo

    I was so excited to try these guys out. Ended up with popcorn buds that didn’t smoke like Wedding Cake at all. Recognized the bud as a different strain all together – have another plant on the go now and we’ll see if any of them turn out to be Wedding Cake after all.


    Growing it now everything looks great.. definetly quality seeds.. bout 7or 8 weeks from harvest

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