White Rhino Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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More About White Rhino Feminized

A Heavy-Hitting Unstoppable Force

White Rhinos are rare majestic animals known for their resilience and strength. The same goes for White Rhino in its cannabis form. This Indica dominant strain uses brute force to make its way into your brain. The effects of this strain are like an unstoppable force that carries on for hours. Its mind-numbing buzz comes from its mother strain, White Widow, while its strength comes from its unknown father strain, which may have been a pure Indica. Nevertheless, this nighttime strain is best enjoyed when you are about to turn over for sleep. It slows down your thoughts, helping you fall asleep faster.

The pine and sandalwood flavor complements well with their fresh herbal skunky nature of its aroma. With over 19% THC content, there is no wonder why this strain has won several accolades. This strain thrives in almost all climates except for the ice-cold weather. Heavy feeding will be a requirement for this strain, so growers can expect large yields come harvest.


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