White Widow Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Strain Overview

Former Cannabis Cup winner White Widow has powerful levels of THC and CBD that makes it a fantastic recreational and therapeutic strain. You’ll find this easy to cultivate and is perfect for first-time and expert growers alike. It’s high THC levels make this strain intense with cerebral effects that will drown out pain, anxiety, stress, and other medical conditions.

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More About White Widow Feminized

White Widow feminized marijuana won the Cannabis Cup in 1995, thanks to the wonderful effects it produces when smoked. It creates a powerful burst of happiness and energy while boosting your creativity and making you want to have deep, intellectual conversations. Thanks to its nearly equal ratio of Indica to Sativa (60-40), this strain is very motivating while still relaxing for your body.

White Widow feminized marijuana has bright green leaves and white hairs and can grow over 8 feet tall outdoors but should stay under 4 feet with hydroponics, soil or with LED lighting inside. The time it takes for growing White Widow will vary depending on whether you grow it outdoors and indoors. You will have to change the light cycle when you want them to enter the flowering stage.

Yields will vary depending on where you grow White Widow. Those growing in hot areas like the Southern USA might get a larger yield compared to those growing in cooler areas in Canada. On average, you can grow feminized seeds in about 3 months total time. Make sure you always follow the Crop King seed germination instructions, which can be found on our site.

90 reviews for White Widow Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Shabadont Farms

    Shabadont Farms

    Bought WW fem seeds in September. Perfect germinations so far. I have one ready for harvest next week which looks amazing! This plant loved abuse, topping, pruning, defoliation, LST – it just kept getting bigger and stronger. I have two more ready in the next few weeks and I’m expecting large yields. Already tried the Lamb’s Breath Auto and it’s fantastic – not a big yielder, but a great sativa high. Just ordered Cali OG Kush Haze and Sour Diesel and will germinate both when they get here.

  2. Avatar for T


    I bought 5 seeds and Got7 5 made it about 4 weeks into flower sog doing very well very satisfied customer

  3. Avatar for Uncle Charlie

    Uncle Charlie

    Very impressed with this strain. Popped 2 of these and could not be happier with the results. I kept the size down with a short veg period,and ended up with both plants at 30″ tall and filled with big,dense buds. After dry and cure ended up with 6 ounces of great smoke. I,ve been growing for over 30 years and this is some of the best I’ve ever grown….Thanks King!

  4. Avatar for Kip


    I’m on my third go with these WW seeds. They are very very particular about getting proper air to the roots and thus don’t like being over watered at all. I tried first with just promix and not too much success and low yield. Even letting it get totally dry before watering again was not great. 2nd try I added a little perlite to the promix. This worked a bit better but again not great. 3rd try I used 60% coco 30% promix and 10% organic compost on first pot up from seedling and one more pot ups from there. They are super happy now and getting so heavy at 8 weeks I had to support the branches. They are still at least 2 weeks from harvest maybe more so they gonna be huge buds. I’m adding cal mag to the nutes and watering every 2 days at 1000 to 1400 ppm. Cheers!

  5. Avatar for MANIC_ORGANIC_13


    I’m currently growing these out right now, just started week 3 of flower. There’s two different pheno’s, one that sativa dominant and the other indica. I have them in 5 gallon fabric pots in super soil, and water them with dechlorinated tap water ph’d between 6.5 and 6.8. Sometimes I’ll add seaweed extract and/or molasses to the water. I have them under spider farmers sf2000 series lights and keep the temps between 21 and 26 degrees with relative humidity around 50% for flower. These plants have been growing like beasts since day one, I’m excited to see what the results will be. I’m expecting a large yield with their current growth rate, definitely one of the better strains I’ve grown so far.

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