Growing Cannabis at Home Guide

There are a lot of benefits when you choose to growing cannabis at home. The first thing is that you can get high-quality weed. Even if more supplies and resources are needed as compared to outdoors, you can control the aspect of the surroundings of your cannabis plant. Whether you reside in a small house or in an apartment, you can grow the weed anywhere. Another benefit of growing indoors is that it can provide multiple harvests. You can allow your cannabis plants to become as big as you want. Just flip them over and harvest to start another batch.

Guidelines for Growing Cannabis at Home

Choose your Growing Light

It is important to choose what type of light you need to grow your cannabis plant successfully. Young cannabis plants grow fastest when the temperature is warmer that range about 20 degrees to 30 degree Celsius. When the plants grow a bit older, the budding or the flowering stage is best to keep in slightly cooler light about 18 to 26 degrees Celsius to develop the best color buds, trichome and production, and smell.

There are different growing lights for cannabis, such as:

  • Sun
  • Household LED
  • LED growing lights
  • High-Pressure Sodium or the HPS

Choose Your Ideal Growing Medium

Different growing mediums also required different growing care and watering needs. The most usual growing mediums that you can use include the following:

  • Soil
  • Soilless Mix
  • Hydroponics or plant directly on the water
  • And the Hydro or the Less Usual Kind

The best soil you may use would be the compost of your own soil, or you may purchase some composted soil in order to get the best tasting buds results.

Choose the Ideal Nutrients

There are two factors required for growing cannabis: the soil growers and the soilless growers. Soil growers cultivate cannabis via composted super soil. You need to have cannabis nutrients that are made for soil to ensure that your plants can provide the best produce.

Even if you just begin with the more accurate soil like the FFOF, you still need to begin adding the nutrients once that you reach the flowering stage. While the soilless and the hydroponic growers can grow in any mediums apart from using the soil, similar to the soilless combination or directly in water, doing such things can allow you to get the cannabis nutrients that are made for hydroponics.

Nutrients for Root PH

It is essential to maintain the pH on the root surrounding to avoid any nutrients issues when growing cannabis at home. The easiest method to do is to first test the pH of the water before you put it in the plants or add the water to the tank. However, there are still some growers that successfully grow the cannabis weed without even testing the pH of their water first.

But most growers who don’t test the pH will begin to see some signs of cannabis nutrients deficiency and any other nutrients problems. Keep in mind that if the pH in the roots of the plant is too low or too high, the cannabis plant cannot draw up the nutrients properly.

Choose the Cannabis Plants that you want to grow

For those seasoned cannabis growers who already know the basics, acquiring cannabis plants is quite simple for them. Most cannabis collectors, as well as dispensaries, will gladly sell you seeds even though they tend to be less general when it comes to selling cannabis seeds. A great edge of buying seeds from the trusted source is that you already know that you can trust the genetics that you are purchasing.

Germinating the Cannabis Seeds

There are a lot of different procedures to germinate weed seeds. An easy way to germinate a marijuana seed is to place it directly into a certain starter cube. You can just simply keep the starter cube moist and make sure that it isn’t too warm.

It may help you place the tray on the heat mat with your seedlings in it. In a few days or in a week, the seedlings will definitely pop out. It can also work in any growing medium. Once that the seedling has already come out, you can now stick the cube directly into the growing medium or in a hydroponic system.

Growing the Plants or the Vegetative Period

Once that your cannabis plant grows, the first set of leaves is considered as the official vegetative stage. Like mentioned earlier, the young cannabis plant can grow in its fastest when the temperature is warmer compared to room temperature. However, as long as it does not freeze cold or burn hot, your cannabis plants can still be able to grow in a wide span of room temperature.

Flowering Period

During this stage, your cannabis plants can begin to make buds; this period can last until it reaches the harvesting period.

Harvesting the Cannabis Weed

Once that plant stops growing its new white hairs, during this point, your cannabis plant can fill the room by its pungent fragrance. Wait for the white hairs to become darkened in color, or they become curling in. It is the first sign that the harvesting period is approaching. You can harvest about 50 to 70 percent of the hairs that have darkened; they have the highest THC content.

Cure and Dry the Harvested Buds

Once that you cut off all the dazzling and beautiful compact buds, you can now hang them upside down in a cool and dark area with the right ventilation and let them dry out.


Growing cannabis at home is a good idea. You can even grow cannabis indoors whenever you want even during winter. You can also grow the plants discreetly behind locked doors. Even though there are countries that legalize marijuana, there are still some people who are judgmental, so growing cannabis indoors may give you privacy as well as security. Indoor cannabis grows cheaper to get started and especially if you are planning a few cannabis plants. In addition, because you control everything indoor, this means that you can produce dank cannabis buds.

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4 Responses

  1. Autos I do one full day no light (24hours) then 20/4 and I use bud candy/ big bud as soon as I get first pistol and stop big bud after 4 weeks. Always have a balanced base and these nutrients will stack above the normal nutrients

  2. I have auto flower plants that were planted in feb. Healthy plants but no buds yet, doI have a problem

      1. Wrong, auto flowers do not need a change in light cycle To bud. But some growers like to keep them 18. Hours on and 6 hours off.

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