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Marijuana bugs

Marijuana Bugs – A Complete List and How to Deal with Them

Marijuana is a Cannabis weed, and just like any other plant, it is not resilient and an exception to plant-eating insects and bugs. It’s a wonder sometimes how pests and bug magically appear just to attack and ruin your plants. There are myriad causes why there are bugs and pests. Perhaps it is in their nature to always look for shoots to eat and survive. Whatever the origin of these pests and bugs might be, when cultivating your cannabis, it is essential to get to know these marijuana bugs.

These common Cannabis bugs not only eat your plant, but they destroy it as well, making it useless. So, the solution to getting relieved of them and to stop them before they even exist in your plants. Get to know more about these marijuana bugs and how to block them.

How to prevent the spread of marijuana bug? 

Since prevention is the best thing a grower can do, there are different tips on how to do it. One can even do their trick as they get to know the ways of planting cannabis plants. Here are some helpful bits of advice you can to prevent any marijuana bugs. 

First, make it a manner to check the plants. There is no other way of identifying if there are bugs if you won’t check meticulously well. Take a peek under the leaves. Some bugs tend to hide very well. A weekly or even every two days checking is good enough. 

Second, it is best to grow cannabis separately from any other plants. To avoid any transference of bugs from another plant to the cannabis, it is better to keep them away from your regular plants. You can keep them safe this way. 

Third, you can create sections. Systematize your way of planting. This way, if one section gets bugs and pests, they won’t transfer easily to another section. Put the sections apart from each other. This is best if you have a bigger planting space, but if not, then it is better to do steps one and two well. 

Marijuana Bugs – A Complete List and How to Deal with Them

Here are the different marijuana bugs to look out for when checking your cannabis plant. 


Mealybugs usually haunt when it’s warm, for they can’t endure a cold temperature. Not only do they grow on living plants, but also on dying and dehydrated plants. They are easy to spot because of the white spots or mold they omit that looks like powders or web. 

It also creates a sugary liquid or honeydew that causes dirty molds to grow thus, attracting the ants. 


First, you can use water and spray it on the leaves to eliminate the bugs. This will make sure no bugs are left on the leaves.  Second, there are other products you can use. The insecticide soap will help you get to stop the mealybugs and don’t leave considerable excess. So, it is safe for the plants but should be avoided on the buds. Neem oil is also a natural treatment that is very effective in eliminating bugs. However, this one needs a careful process, and just like the soap, don’t let the buds have a taste of it. Using alcohol in killing the bugs can also be effective.


Aphids are other marijuana bugs, and they differ in color and sizes. Their colors are mostly the basic white, brown, brown, yellow, black, green, and even red. They could be big, round, small, and thin, depending on the stages of their life. There are even winged aphids that circle the plants. Perhaps, aphids are the most prevalent marijuana bugs.  Just like mealybugs, they also leave sugary liquid or honeydew and a dirty mold. 


First, you need to monitor your plants regularly so you will be able to stop them immediately.  Second, once you noticed them, remove them right away. Spray them off so they won’t multiply. You can use insecticide soaps, Neem oil, and other insecticide sprays, which contain Spinosad, would instantly kill aphids. Use insecticide sprays that are made of natural ingredients and are gentle to plants.

Spider mites

Another common marijuana bug is the spider mite. They are part of the mite family with a bit of a relation to the spider clan. The spider mites are tough to get cleared off, so you need to be mindful of them. The first indication is the speck and bites trace usually found beneath the leaves. The bug likes to bite plants with its sharp mouth.  Another indication is that the leaves will change to a yellow color. 


First, when you see one or too many, kill them instantly. You can spray them off the plants or get an electric fan and blast it on the plants, so the spider mites will be blown away. You can use insecticide soaps or other various organic spray and insecticides.


Barnacles or sometimes called the Wax scale and are the uncommon marijuana bugs that like to stick under the leaf or on the stem and absorb the life away from them. Just like Aphids and Mealybugs, they also release the sugary liquid or honeydew and leaves a dirty mold on the plant. The good thing is, they are fairly easier to eliminate. 


You can remove it using a power spray. Insecticide soaps and spray such as Spinosad will also help, as well as the Neem oil.

Broad mites

Broad mites are one of the deadliest mites for the cannabis mainly because they are very tiny you can’t even see them, not even when using a microscope. They give the leaves a dangling and twisted look. They also make it look shiny like it is wet. The leaves essentially turn brown or bronzy and yellow before they die. Sometimes, it may be too late before these marijuana bugs are noticed. 


Once you noticed the leaves turning different colors, removed them carefully to avoid spreading. Be generous of your treatment, and better do it every day to make sure it goes away. If you can’t salvage it, better throw and discard them away before they infect other plants. Neem oil is also beneficial as well as insecticide soaps.


Adult and young thrip look different. An adult is tiny and quick, while the young look like small worms. They also appear in different colors. They absorb the cannabis and will leave shiny and slimy looking spots in white or gold. Make sure to watch out for these. 


Insecticide soaps, Nemo oil, and Spinosad products will make sure these insects go away and won’t stay long. The key is to find them right away, so they are easier to kill.


Cochineal is a tiny insect that absorbs the plants’ moisture and fluid. They grow when the temperature is high. They move around the plants and leave a sticky trace that would allow you to discover them. It also leaves a dirty mold that will kill the plant. These insects are in color grey with white covers on their eggs. Make sure to spot them early, for they are easy to spread. 


Isolate the damaged plant from the others. You can use the same insecticide sprays and soaps to stop the spread of these insects. Alcohol is also effective in eliminating them. Make sure to give the necessary treatments until all Cochineal is gone.

Fungus Gnats 

Fungus Gnats may look like flies, but they are far from it. They like to fly near the soul since their eggs grow in moist soil. If you watered your plant too often, this insect would decide to appear, although they don’t give physical damages to the leaves. They are responsible for the slow growth and attacks on the soil’s quality as well as the roots. Thus, cannabis won’t grow healthily. 


Avoid overwatering the plants. Make sure the topsoil is not damp. Fungus Gnats will naturally leave once they don’t find your soil damp and ready for their use.  


Grasshoppers may look harmless, but they can also leave great damages on your plant’s leaves and even stems and branches. They like to munch on the leaves and break branches whenever they want to. 


Watch out for any grasshoppers lurking near the plants. Use organic insecticide spray with Spinosad. Spinosad can be very lethal to grasshoppers. Insecticide soaps and Neem oil works well also.

What are the differences? 

Insecticide Soap

Insecticide soaps can weaken the shell of the bugs and are safe for people since it does leave any residuals. It doesn’t stay long on the plant, so necessary following-up is recommended.  However, it can affect the bud’s taste and smell, so you have to be careful. 

Neem oil

Neem oil is a reliable, natural, and efficient remedy for marijuana bugs and other pests. It doesn’t have a pungent smell, nor does it cling around on the plant for too long. However, it should not be sprayed or put on the buds, or it may affect the flavor and scent. It’s very effective, and since it’s natural, it doesn’t have any consequences on people and other good insects. 


Spinosad is also a natural material that can good for eliminating marijuana bugs. It is easy to use since you just need to spray it on the affected parts and can instantly kill bugs. It is also safe and won’t harm the plants and people.


Taking care of cannabis or a marijuana plant is the same as taking care of other plants. It also needs attention, care, and the right products and tools to let it grow healthily and abundantly. That is why basic gardening is also needed to be able to grow a healthy plant. And just like regular plants, cannabis can also have pests and bugs that will harm them. These marijuana bugs are very tricky and deadly, so they need to be cornered with the right product. 

Planting cannabis is made easy with all the natural and organic plant products found in the market. All you need to do is to learn about the different marijuana bugs, perceived them immediately, and make the necessary precautions in order not to waste a plant or a bunch of them.  The nest time you look at your cannabis plants, make sure to look for these bugs and pests, and you will know what to do after.

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