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Purchasing vs Creating a New Cannabis Strain: Which is Economical?

Are you tired of the usual cannabis strains available from your local seed bank? Is there a lack of variety when it comes to cannabis strains that can grow in your area? Are you getting bored with the usual regular or feminized strain? If so, then why not buy a new strain, or how about creating a new one?

An economical way

The question is, which is a more economical way to grow a new strain? Surely, it is cheaper and easier to buy a new strain rather than make a new one. Let’s consider your expenses when you buy one vs creating a new strain:

Purchasing A New Strain Costs

Creating A New Strain Costs

  • Price of the seeds you will use as parent strains
  • Cost of supplies: soil, pots, fertilizer, water, and equipment
  • Electricity costs


Take note that you may need to breed parent strains several times to get the trait/characteristics you want in cannabis. Consider not just the financial costs of growing cannabis but also your invested time and effort in making new strains.

Let’s take a closer look at what entails purchasing vs growing your own strains. Let’s check the pros and cons of each activity, so you can easily gauge which one is the most economical way for you.

Pros and Cons of Buying New Strains

When you buy new strains, you are confident that the seeds that you will be taking home to grow have been thoroughly tested. These seeds are viable, which means that they will be ready to sprout. Also, a strain that’s already in the market may have already been tested, cataloged, and rated for quality. Why be particular about all these? Because you wouldn’t want to waste your money on worthless seeds or non-viable seeds.

When you buy seeds, you can also grow your garden right away. You don’t need to wait too long and waste time, resources, and money. You can immediately germinate your seeds too; just follow any germination guide provided by the breeder so you’ll be assured that your young plants are ready to sprout.

As there are some economic advantages to purchasing seeds, there are also some disadvantages as well. If you are located a distance away from a seed bank, or you cannot order online, then it might be harder for you to buy seeds. More than that, you might have to spend more money to travel far just to buy seeds. Also, seeds can be quite pricey when purchased online, however, you can expect well-tested and quality seeds. But despite these disadvantages, consider that this is a more economical way to get seeds than growing or breeding your own strains.

Pros and Cons of Creating Your Own Strains

Creating one’s own strain is something that many growers long for. Yes, there is an awesome feeling of making a new strain. You feel very proud that you have contributed to the cannabis society and may have possibly created a very potent, and therapeutic strain. As amazing as it sounds, there are many things to consider [when creating your own strain.

One of the disadvantages of creating your own cannabis variant is costing you more money as compared to just purchasing in a seed bank or on online sites. Apart from having to complete the resources needed to grow your plants like soil, fertilizer, pots, and seeds. You will also have to pay for electricity and water, and not to mention, dealing with any problems which may arise: pests, nutrient deficiencies/toxicities, molds, etc.

Another thing to consider aside from the costs is the amount of time needed to be invested. Do you really have time to spare? Creating a new strain does not end with one cross. You need to study strain genetics thoroughly to ensure the survival of the outcome strain. And if you have a particular characteristic you want to come up with your new strains, it would be harder to do. You will have to ensure that the trait you want holds till the final cross. You will have to test, re-test to make sure that all the qualities have been considered.

Finally, you must need your strains tested for potency. Naturally, you want a potent strain, right? You want a strain that’s powerful and enduring whether you crave a recreational or medicinal strain. Although professional testing is expensive, you may use a home testing kit or perhaps have your strains personally tested by friends, for subjective reviews like flavor, effects, and vigor. Professional testing is standardized testing, it is costly but totally worth it.

But don’t give up on creating your own strains just yet. Even if this is a costly endeavor, but the results are worth it. You will have a strain that you can truly call your own AND a strain that has the characteristics you want.

Some ways to save money when you create new strains

Some tips for an economic cannabis breeding project

  • Recycle your equipment. You can reuse old growing tents and cabinets.
  • You can reuse old soil, but be sure to check for soil quality and nutrient content. Reapply nutrients if necessary.
  • Before reusing pots, growing mediums, and baskets, clean and sterilize these. You need sterile and not just clean equipment to avoid contaminating your breeding plants.
  • Buy the seeds you need for breeding using discounts, promos, and special offers. But still, check the quality of the seeds and make sure to order only from a legit company.
  • Breed only a few plants. A few plants would mean fewer resources to use and less time to spare to care for your plants. Grow only plants that you can handle depending on your available resources.

The verdict

Indeed, purchasing a new strain is more cost-effective and easier to do rather than making a new strain. There are a lot of reliable seed banks like Crop King that you can trust. There’s no doubt that you will save time, effort, and money when you buy seeds rather than grow your own strain.

But if you have time and the resources, and you are very curious about growing your own strain, then go for it!

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