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Candy Punch offers a sweet sensation reminiscent of ripe fruits. It comes with potent effects that start with a head rush and afterward, a creative and physical zing. You will be overpowered by this strain’s effects that you’ll surrender with a smile on your face. It yields well as long as you grow it in a place with good sunlight.

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A Candy That Packs A Punch

Candy Punch does exactly what its name would do. This sweet fruity sensation packs a punch with its hard-hitting effects. At first, one would immediately notice a head rush followed by a creative push and a physical buzz. These effects linger for quite some time until you are fully reinvigorated by its effects. This Sativa dominant strain offers a good amount of THC that serves as the reason why this weed is such as crowd-pleaser.

Energetic, creative, and focused are the words that best describe what Candy Punch can do. When bred outdoors, it will produce a very good amount of yield as long as it receives a lot of sunlight. This hybrid pleasures the senses as much as it is also healthy for the body. Once the euphoria takes over, it slowly diminishes the pain and reduces fatigue, thus energizing the body to take on more work. A good weed to smoke during the daytime, this sweet-smelling plant is all about giving you a good time.

1 review for Candy Punch Regular Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for David Sims

    David Sims

    What a sweet but powerful strain. I have so many things to say about my growing. I love how it turn into a taller beautiful plant. At first I soaked it from a water then put it into a wet tissue. The seeds germinated and popped up. Suddenly it grows faster with in 1 week. Now, I am waiting for me to harvest. Good luck to me. Satisfied customer!

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