24K Gold Regular Marijuana Seeds

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More About 24K Gold

24K Gold – Rich in Flavor, Rich in Effects

24K Gold probably got its name from its high value in the marijuana community. Also known as Kosher Tangie, this Indica dominant strain is known for its prolonged physical effects as well as its impressively high THC content. It also does not hurt that it is a good smelling plant with a fruity flavor and hints of pepper on the tail end of the smoke.

The high from 24K Gold comes fast and hits hard. It immediately sends a euphoric sensation, and the cerebral effects come crashing down. Smokers would become sedated, and speech becomes slurred.

Laughter would fill the room, and the conversations flow endlessly. Many are enticed to smoke this weed due to its many medicinal properties, which include a solution for chronic insomniacs. This strain is ideally consumed in the evening or late at night when you want to have a good
conversation with a friend, or you just want to end the night with a good blunt.


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