Afghani Regular Marijuana Seeds

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Strain Overview

This original landrace strain gets its name from its country of origin. First discovered high in the mountainous regions of Afghanistan, this euphoric and relaxing indica strain is perfect for cloning, cross breeding and large volume production. Above average in THC, this well-known classic is a must have for experienced or new growers.

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5 Seed Pack


10 Seeds Pack


25 Seeds Pack


Additional Information

More About Afghani Regular Marijuana

Crop King’s Afghani regular marijuana seeds are ‘Regular’ cannabis seeds that are a mixture of both male and female seeds. If the male and female seeds are grown together and pollinate, they will produce more seeds instead of flowers or ‘buds’.

If the aim is for your plants to produce buds, but you still want to use a regular strain instead of a feminized strain, you can separate the males before they pollinate the females while they are still immature plants. An easy way to tell the difference between male and female plants is during the pre-flowering stage. At this time the males will produce pre-flowers that are ‘ball’ shaped, while the females will produce pre-flowers that are ‘pistil’ shaped.

Crowd favorite Afghani is a high yielding strain that is very potent and delivers a lasting high. Above average in THC, this indica-dominant original landrace strain gives way for a relaxing and happy high that works for both new and experienced users any time you need to unwind.

The perfect smoke to cap the night, consuming this indica-dominant strain will give you a strong body buzz, and will have you glued to your bed while soothing and calming your tired muscles. Afghani has a robust full-flavor accompanied with hints of exotic fruit.

The yield for this strain is remarkable, reaching 500g when grown indoors and 300g outdoors. These are hefty amounts, given that every part of Afghani’s huge, gorgeous, sparkling buds is absolutely packed with stinky and pungent goodness and a kind of satisfying body high you rarely find.

Order yourself some of these delightful cannabis seeds and be prepared to harvest impressively huge yields of beautiful, sticky and stinky buds after a few months. Afghani is definitely worth the work you put into it.

43 reviews for Afghani Regular Marijuana Seeds

  1. Seth Chester

    This Afghani is awesome!I love the smell and how it hits me hard. One of the best from CKS. Highly recommended!

  2. Linda Berman

    All 10 seeds arrived so fast. I decided to plant it right away. Germination went ok. From 10 seeds, 8 are successfully popped out. I can say, these seeds are healthy and they are growing so quick.I am waiting for their 8th week, to finally say their status. I am excited to see their buds and hoping not getting any molds and fall leaves. So for me, CKS is a legit and great company!

  3. Cameron Jessop

    Afghani marijuana is definitely one of the best seeds I tried. When I bought this seeds,
    with their fast delivery, I love it and their customer service lady. They speak so nicely
    and friendly. So I started the growing journey. Soak the seeds, put in a soft paper and all popped up. Germination has no problem at all. Maybe those who has problem, has wrongly planted it. You just have to follow the correct steps on how to grow this seed. Over all, excellent strain and will give 5 stars!

  4. Donald Smith

    All 12 of my seeds tapped roots , transplanting into small pots in my bay window with a small plant light to assist , culled to the 6 most healthy plants topping several times to push for clones. At 20 inches moved them into my tent with a 550 watt LED and env controls in a 12 hour photo period sexed at 5 days and took 24 health clones 2 males and 4 females , left the best Male and the best 3 females to push through the flowering cycle am interested in collecting pollen and seeding the females

  5. Morris Sea

    This is one of the awesome strains easy, fast strong grow, the rate that its growth is faster than the last grow I did. I actually just harvested I smoked a nice fat joint this morning and although it’s nothing to brag about it did get me a little buzz smoked nice tasted ok.

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