Skunk Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

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Strain Overview

Skunk Autoflower is a strain that’s stable and fast flowering. It is a balanced strain with relaxing mental and physical effects. This is best smoked in the evenings to cap a tiring day. It’s also a good strain with its long-lasting effects. It is easy to cultivate but can get smelly, especially before harvest time.

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More About Skunk Autoflower

Smelly Strain Made Even Better

Skunk Autoflower is a staple in the cannabis industry due to its stable genetics. Every strain that is known to this day owes it to this specific herb. As one of the most significant strains in the world, Skunk Autoflower is the auto flower version of the iconic strain that retains all of its distinct features,
including the pungent smell.

While many would rather opt for the original version, this auto-flowering strain offers more by amping up its capabilities as an evenly-balanced strain. Its effects are much subtler than its predecessor; however, it manifests itself in both mental and physical aspects. The sudden change in mood is very
beneficial for those who have been plagued by negative thoughts. It causes the munchies, which help stimulate the appetite causing you to gain weight.

An ideal weed to smoke during the early hours of the evening due to its long-lasting effects, Skunk Autoflower might be a smelly weed, but it does its job well.

2 reviews for Skunk Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Brandon Moore

    Brandon Moore

    I don’t get why my friends find the smell bad. For me, this strain is AWESOME! Yes, it’s “skunk” but it also has this sour taste, and it’s just so incredibly relaxing. Though other strains have a much more potent hit, I don’t regret growing this at home. Highly recommend others to give it a try and not be discouraged by the pungent smell.

  2. Avatar for Patricia Keck

    Patricia Keck

    Stunning plant! Whatever you supply with this, it easily absorb it. It shows how healthy it is. You can just put it in a nourish soil, don’t over water it. I also like the smell of skunky aroma. It also uplift your mood, in which you will feel more comfortable, more energy. Your depression will replaced by happy thoughts. In short, can give you a good laugh! FUN!

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