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The Role of Light in Fast Version Cannabis Growing

Plants are like humans that need sunlight to be able to survive and continue to exist. Without sunlight, plants will not be able to get the food that they need to be able to grow, reproduce, and survive. Plants use energy from the light of the sun for photosynthesis.

Photosynthesis has three components: light, water, and carbon dioxide. Without light, plants cannot process photosynthesize and eventually will die.

Like other plants, cannabis also needs sunlight or light to be able to reproduce and survive. Light is essential for cannabis production and existence. Just like other plants, without light, cannabis will cease to exist.

Light is very important for all cannabis plants, whether you grow them indoors or outdoors. The light that your plants receive will also indicate the quality of your products as light has a profound role during the different stages of your plant’s growth.

What are Fast Version Cannabis Strains?

Fast version cannabis strains are the “quick” or the “fast” version of a classic feminized cannabis plant. It is a product of crossing a photoperiod parent which that came from an elite female clone. These clones were selected from other regular seeds. They are crossed to a top-quality reversed auto-flowering female. The auto-flowering female is reversed so that it would produce pollen that passes the auto-gen to the cross. This process will result in an auto-flowering gene that will allow the plant to jump from the growth stage to full bloom at a very fast rate.

These are female strains that can produce flowers and not pollens. Just like other female strains, they also bear buds with flowering periods that depend on the hours of light.

The Importance of Light in Fast Version Cannabis Growing

Exposing fast version cannabis to the right amount of light is very important. Fast version cannabis strains are very light-dependent. These strains do need a photoperiod to be able to go into flowering mode.

For instance, in indoor cultivation, your plant is exposed to 18/6 or 18 hours of light and 18 hours of darkness. To be able to proceed to the flowering period, you need to gradually change the life cycle to 12/12 or twelve hours of darkness and 12 hours of light. It is important for you; you know that as long as the light exceeds the dark, in a 24-hour cycle, the plants will keep on growing but will not flower. The reason for this is that feminized strain stays in the vegetative period, growing taller and bigger. They develop branches and roots. If there is a change in light exposure, only then will proceed to the flowering period and produce flowers. Remember change the light exposure gradually, by exposing it to 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness.

For outside cultivation, you may need to start planting your seeds towards the end of summer as the light changes during autumn. By then, it will be having lesser hour exposure to sunlight or exposed to 12 hours of sunlight and 12 hours of darkness.

Light is very important in growing fast version cannabis strains because the development of these strains is very dependent on their exposure to lights. The light exposure is very critical as fast version cannabis strains will not proceed to the flowering stage if they do not receive the right amount of light. The amount of light could either be 12/12 or the same hours of darkness, and light or the hours of light must exceed the hours of darkness before it proceeds to the flowering stage.

Therefore, if you are growing fast version cannabis strains, be very keen on monitoring the light cycle, especially during the vegetative stage. Given the right lighting conditions, fast cannabis strains can flower around 4-6 weeks.

The role of light in growing fast version cannabis strains is very vital. A proper lighting system must be followed; if not, you will not be able to get the expected results from your plants. Fast version cannabis is very dependent on light exposure, especially during the different stages of their development. If you are growing fast version cannabis strains, take note that changes in light exposure or the number hours that the plants are being exposed to light will affect its development. In the case of fast-growing cannabis seeds or strains, they will not proceed to flowerings stage as long as the number of hours of light is the same or exceeds the hours of darkness.

Light is essential as the growth and development of the fast version of cannabis depend on it. As a breeder, you have to take note of the number of hours you expose your plant to light and darkness. As mentioned in this article, the light or the exposure to light determines the development of the plant’s growth cycle.

Cannabis breeders and cultivators are turning to fast version seeds in growing their garden. If you are after strains that are not just easy to grow but also possesses the great taste, aroma, and potency, then fast version cannabis strains are just the right strain you.

If you are a first-time breeder, the success of your cannabis cultivation journey using this strain depends on the light exposure. Fast version cannabis strains are very dependent on light, especially from vegetative to flowering stage. They may grow fast, but it will always depend on their exposure to sunlight or artificial light. Take note that the plants will not proceed to the flowering stage for as long as the amount of sunlight exceeds the darkness.

Just like other plants, light, may it be artificial or natural sunlight is essential in a plant’s growth cycle. Without light, plants will not be able to perform photosynthesis. In growing fast version cannabis strains, the plant’s exposure to the natural or artificial light is very important in producing top quality yield in a short period.

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