What are Regular Cannabis Seeds?

what are reguar cannabis seeds

In preparing to grow marijuana plants, one of the first and the most common thing to arrange before anything else is to find a seed strain that will suit your preference. Yet, if it will be your first time to grow cannabis plants on your own backyard, you may encounter different types of seeds that may not be common to you.

Cannabis seeds are readily obtainable in four different types. These are the regular seeds, auto-flowering seeds, feminized seeds, and CBD seeds. Every type of these seeds has its own differences, challenges, and advantages. However, it still varies on the growers’ preference, which one works best.

If you are a cultivator looking for a more solid and strong variant, regular seeds will be a perfect option for you.

In this article, we will be talking about what are regular cannabis seeds and its underlying factors. But before we even go further, let us discuss its real thing.

Regular Cannabis Seeds Real Definition

Regular cannabis seeds are known to be the classic seeds. These are the seeds that were naturally made without any methods exhausted to produce one. One that has been generated as a result of nature emergence, regular cannabis seeds has not been involved in any major or minor modification.

With no tweaking or tampering involved, regular cannabis seeds can produce 50 percent of male and female plants. With that being said, this type of seed is one of the reliable means of creating new species and offspring of new strains. As mentioned earlier, regular cannabis produces male plants.

It has been regarded that male plants are responsible for producing pollen. Hence, cultivators looking to create new strains depends on regular seeds with the help of the pollen in fertilizing female flowers.

Regular cannabis seeds, just like the others, it includes different types of forms. These are the sativa dominant, indica dominant, CBD, and high THC variant.

In understanding what regular cannabis seeds are, one should realize that as much as it can offer benefits, it is also incorporated with a negative impression.

What are the advantages of regular cannabis seeds?

As mentioned earlier, one of the advantages of opting for regular seeds is for the production of a new strain. Regular cannabis seeds are the only seed used when a cultivator decides to create new varieties. It can also be very valuable when someone wants to generate clones. The executed cutting from regular seeds can produce a very strong and sturdy plant.

With it as a classic variant, the plant it can develop into will be much sturdy and stronger than other types of seeds due to its natural genetics. The female plant it can develop will result in a more stable variety.

This is the main reason why regular cannabis seeds are very much ideal for amateur growers as it is much stronger and very forgiving when it comes to little mistakes in cultivation. It will also provide a real deal to beginners of what the entire growing process is and the standard growing method that needs to be utilized.

What are the disadvantages of regular cannabis seeds

One of the known drawbacks of regular cannabis is its limited yielding capacity. As there is a 50 50 chance of producing female plants, the control of gender can be very difficult as it can produce male plants.

It requires various task completion in order to get to know the gender. Regular cannabis seeds need to be germinated and developed before they even present gender. This will dictate how much yield to expect.

One more thing about its disadvantages is its efficiency. As we have no control over what the gender it can develop into, there are greater chances that not 100 percent of the buds produced can be very valuable for the consumers. As a result, the male plants that were developed have to be discarded within several months of its growth.

Is regular cannabis seeds suits your preference?

If you are a type of grower who wishes to have both male and female plants, regular cannabis seeds will be ideal for you. Having male and female plants at your disposal can give you an undivided chance to produce new strains.

As such, creating your own made-up strain will be readily available for you as it can give you full control in choosing what type of strain you wanted to cross and what features you wanted to obtain at the end of the growing process like the size, cannabinoid content, terpene profile, and yielding capacity.

Lastly, if you are into cloning, regular seeds will be your best friend. The only type of seed you can use in cloning will be the regular cannabis seeds with their given study and potent characteristics.


Regular cannabis seeds are the types of seeds created naturally. With that being said, they were produced with no means of modification. With the understanding of what regular cannabis seeds are, you can, therefore, conclude if it will be the right seed for you or not. There are a lot of factors to consider in choosing regular cannabis seeds. Its advantages and drawbacks should be weighed by cannabis cultivators in order to determine its worth.

When it comes to cultivation, regular cannabis seeds are highly-coveted by those marijuana breeders wanting to go out of the box and explore in creating new strains depending on their preferences. With the help of these seeds, one can opt as to what to cross in order to obtain the terpene profile, cannabinoid composition, which includes the underlying factors such as the taste and its potency.

As this type of seeds is strong and sturdy in nature, it will be an ideal type of seed, to begin with, especially for those amateur cannabis cultivators who wanted to learn more in marijuana cultivation. Not only that, these types of seeds are much of help for learning, but they are also valuable contributors to cloning marijuana plants and preserving genetic diversity.

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